Trampoline Parks In UK For Party And Conferences 2020

If you are in search of the latest ways of entertaining your staffs then for the next corporate event or conferences consider the trampoline parks in UK. Remember that trampolines are not only for kids. Even adults can visit the parks and bounce on the rebounder trampolines during a party.

One Of The Well-Known Trampoline Parks In UK

Airjump Trampoline Park in UK is one such perfect venue for corporate events. It offers a wide range of attractions as well as spaces that are used for creating huge company gathering and team building event. Every company’s requirements for the corporate event along with the budget will be properly looked upon. This park’ facilities are well built for accommodating small and large groups. If you have any special event around the corner, then it is considered to be the best place for hosting social parties. It is an excellent way of having fun as well as burning your calories. Usually, the party session lasts for 1 hour 45 minutes. During this time period, 1 hour is for the jump time and the remaining 45 minutes you can enjoy in the party room around the table with good food. You can also arrange your little one’s birthday party here. The hosts will ensure that you have each and everything that you require to let the party go on.


Rules Of The Best Trampoline Park During A Party

  • If you have consumed alcohol you will not be allowed to jump on the trampoline.
  • No abusive, aggressive or bad behaviour will be entertained. It will then lead to the sudden end of the party without any refund.
  • Storage and refrigeration unavailable.
  • Waivers should be completed for every jumper.



If you wish to avoid any disappointment, you should book ahead for conference or party or social-economy event because the spaces per hour slot are limited. During peak times even walk-ins will never be allowed if this park will be at its bouncing capacity. Check for availability and book accordingly trampoline spring cover.