How To Double Bounce On A Trampoline 2023?

Most of us think that jumping on the best quality trampoline can only be enjoyed by kids. But one thing that even adults will love doing is the double bounce trick on a trampoline. If you wish to do so, then you should know how to double bounce on it.

  1. Get On The Right Position On The Trampoline: Firstly it is very important to become aware of where each individual requires to stand. If you will be double bouncing then you must position yourself correctly in the centre of the trampoline. This is the most basic position for production of double bounce on a trampoline.
  2. Place The Other Person On the Right Position On The Trampoline: The other individual with whom you will be double bouncing on the trampoline must also be positioned properly. He should be standing in any one corner of the trampoline. If you are going to double bounce on a round trampoline springs, then the two individuals must stay as near to the edge of the trampoline as possible.
  3. Begin Jumping: Now you should begin to jump. You should not really get bothered about how high you are jumping. You should only keep on jumping as much as you can. Allow the other person to plan his timing correctly while you keep jumping alone. He should wait until you hit the mat. After that he should start to jump. He will try to launch you in the air with his production of Once the other person will start to jump, you will start to bounce much higher. You can stay in your initial position or can perform one backdrop or add anyother type of trick that you may wish.

So follow the above mentioned steps to understand how to double bounce on a trampoline. The point of double bouncing on a trampoline is to make the individual who is jumping in the middle bounce as much as high as possible. You can perform it with two people or more.