Rules Of Trampoline Parks In Hong Kong

If you enjoy trampolining then you must be visiting some trampoline parks in your city. There are many popular trampoline parks situated all over the world. Like any other trampoline park, the ones in Hong Kong have to come with some rules for the safety and well-being of its visitors. You can also check out for some best deals on trampoline.

General Rules:

  • Any individual who is below 18 years of age and visits a trampoline park in Hong Kong needs to carry a signed waiver either by his parent or his legal guardian.
  • Follow the directions of flight crew every time you visit a trampoline park in Hong Kong.
  • Each and every participant must wear grip socks.
  • Every participant who visits Hong Kong’s trampoline park must behave in a safe as well as responsible manner.
  • Kids aged 6 years and below should not be left alone.
  • Remove mobile phones, any sharp object from your pocket along with jewelry, hats and loose objects.
  • Do not carry any food, drink or chewing gum in the activity area.
  • Always remember to maintain a suitable space among yourself and other people in order to prevent any kind of collision.
  • Never participate if you are having any injury or going through any medication.
  • It is mentioned in most of the no spring trampoline park’s rules in Hong Kong that drugs and alcohols are not allowed.

Trampoline Rules

Safety Rules:

  • Warning: Trampoline use usually involves an innate risk. An impact will result in severe or acute injury along with paralysis or fracture. So always participate at your own risk in any activity at a trampoline park in Hong Kong.
  • Do not run or race with each other across the square trampolines.
  • Never double bounce as it is dangerous for people with larger height to double bounce the smaller ones.
  • Remember to land on both your feet. Most of the trampolines parks in Hong Kong states that when you jump ensure you land safely. If you land on anyone’s foot it may lead to some serious injury.
  • Avoid double flips.
  • A renowned trampoline park in Hong Kong strictly says that no aggressive behavior will be entertained. Never get involved in any kind of pushing, wrestling, or tackling. Do not engage yourself in any activity that will interfere with any other participant.
  • Do not land on the safety pads. Always remember to jump near the trampoline’s center. Never jump on the safety pads directly. It will result in injury.
  • Never jump from the trampoline to the decking rather walk. If you land on the decking you may injure your ankle.
  • Do not sit or lie on the safety pad’s top or on the trampoline mats.

So now that you are quite aware of the rules of the trampoline parks in Hong Kong, you can visit one and have fun. Always follow the rules to stay safe while trampolining.