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Top 10 Best Trampoline Tents 12 14 15 ft: 2023 Reviews

At first, you may wonder: "Why would I need a top trampoline tent for my kid’s trampoline?" The answer is "To add another dose of fun and to protect your trampoline's jumping mat." Much like a trampoline weather cover, the tent makes your trampoline last a bit longer because it keeps UV light, dust and leaves out. As to the kids, the cover can serve as extra protection for them while they are jumping, it could be a fun way for your family to camp in the backyard or just a colorful trampoline accessory. Let's take a look at the best trampoline tents that are available in the market today.

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Top 10 Best Trampoline Tents Reviews

There are several trampoline tents online. After taking a look at the features with an objective view; it is clearly on pure merit that one of the Best-Selling Trampoline Tents, for now, is the one from Propel based on the features that come with it. For those that want the best that can be gotten from the safety that comes with the use of the tent covering the trampoline, this model with three adjustable covers and three screened windows will deliver all that the best kids tent for protection in a cover.

The enclosure is expected to add value to the kids inside the trampoline; after taking a look at the features of this spec, it was discovered that the walls of the tent are weather resistant which goes all the way to protect the play area of the kids. Another point for mention is the roof through which has the capacity to channel the light moisture for drainage.

This model has a technology that you can trust to deliver on the promises that come with the features. Taking a look at the reviews that this model has gotten and it is still getting, one cay without any form of hype intended that this is a trampoline tent will give the kids all the health benefits that they are entitled to in a cover.

The ability to provide extra protection for the kids as well as the trampoline is the hallmark of an excellent cover; you will get the perfect delivery of this from Propel P12-6TT Trampoline. What we see in the technology goes to show that it has the capacity to give you the desired peace of mind on the safety of the kids. No wonder this tent for trampoline rates as one of the best sellers around for now.


  • It has three screened windows with adjustable covers which ensures that the kids do not feel stuffy inside.
  • The weather-resistant area walls protect the play areas. This will secure and protect the kids from the harsh realities of the biting sun outside or the effects of the cold weather that comes with a rainfall.
  • The zippered privacy entrance ties opened or closed to deliver the desired peace of mind on the safety of the kids.
  • The tent securely fits into the enclosure post trampoline frame thereby guaranteeing the adequate security that the kids need under the enclosure.


  • This model fits too tight unto the poles of the trampoline. It affects the lifespan of the trampoline tent cover.
  • This model cannot withstand the rain or wind. With little drops of rainfall, it will tear the covering and allow in the rain. That aside, when the wind comes in its fury, this model will easily give way.
  • The packaging is deficient. You are likely to find some of the component parts in a bad state when you get delivery of your order.
  • In some worse scenarios, this model will not last you more than a month. In such instances, it will amount to a waste of money.
Propel Trampolines P12-6TT Trampoline Club House Cover,...
234 Reviews
Propel Trampolines P12-6TT Trampoline Club House Cover,...
  • Zippered Privacy Entrance ties open or...
  • Weather Resistant Walls protect play area....

Talking of quality tents online today that money can buy, Propel 15′ Trampoline is one model that you can put your money on. The beauty of this trampoline lies in the fact that the designers have the customer in mind when they are gathering the materials that eventually led to the emergence of this beautiful concept. This is one beautiful trampoline that is incredibly easy to set up. You will not require any technical expertise to have the setup complete within minutes. This is one tent for trampoline that you will love because of the beautiful interface that comes with it.

Aside from that, another very important factor which made this model appear on this list of best 10 trampoline camping tent is the fact that it is very stable. When the kid bounces on any trampoline model, the equilibrium of the device will be altered. But with Propel 15′ Trampoline, the dimensions ensure that the center of gravity remains no matter the magnitude of the bounce on this model. The equal dimensions that we have on the length; breadth and width of this wonderful masterpiece ensures that the status quo is maintained despite the activity of the kids on it. Safety is ensured with this model.

Another great factor going on for this model is the technology of the windows which allow fresh air to come inside the trampoline while the kids are inside it.  The walls are weather resistant and will deliver adequate protection to the kids. When this model is fixed with the model that has 6 enclosure poles, you will get the desired results. Any attempt to force this trampoline tent cover into other models of trampoline will be counter-productive. The rave reviews show that this cover will perform what it is intended to do if the procedures are followed.


  • It has a zippered entrance that ties open or closed thereby ensuring the safety of the kids when they are inside.
  • This is a stable trampoline that will not produce issues no matter the gravity of the bounce and somersault on it.
  • The three screened windows with adjustable covers ensure that the temperature is ideal inside for the kids.
  • The weather-resistant technology ensures that the color of the model is maintained all through the weather in the year. You can trust the warranty on this model; it will give value to your money invested in it.


  • The technology in the design of this model needs to be improved upon; it does not last long.
  • The UV protection promised in the features is not real when reality dawns. It takes only some few months before the colors begin to fade.
  • It cannot withstand a heavy downpour of heavy rain. You will get gallons of water sag on the roof when it rains and you have to push it from inside before the water drains out through the center.
  • Issues occur with the straps when attempts are been made to tie it on.
  • Some of them will not last more than 4 months.
Propel Trampolines Trampoline Club House, Multicolor, 15'
240 Reviews
Propel Trampolines Trampoline Club House, Multicolor, 15'
  • Zippered privacy Entrance ties open or...
  • 3 screened windows with adjustable...

It is an established fact that the lifespan of the trampoline can be improved with the aid of a quality trampoline camping tent. However, when you go online to make your choice, there should be a focus; if your goal is to get the Most Affordable Trampoline Tents, then you are advised to look in the direction of Propel Trampolines Shade if you want the best quality that your money can buy at a cheap price. Observations have gone to show that this model has features that will deliver everything you will require in a quality trampoline tent moving forward.

The issues with some of the models that are online today are the inability to get them securely fixed with issues. This tent for trampoline under review will not give such issues. This is an easy one fix assembly that will simply drop in place during the process of fixing. It fits in perfectly; taking away the risk of the cover giving way when the kids are bouncing on the trampoline. The extra security that the kids need while on the trampoline will be provided by this model.

This is one best kid’s tents that will deliver the comfort that the kid needs against the weather all year round. You will get quality for your money because this model is built to last. If we are to go by the rave reviews given to this item by some of the satisfied customers, then one has no option than to agree that the technology involved in this design is one that you can truly trust. The materials used in the construction are of the best quality and they are imported; you can trust that they will last you the distance and give you the corresponding value on your investment.


  • The mat, enclosure, labels, and netting of this trampoline tent cover is UV protected.
  • It is made from a 100% Polyester material which makes confers some credibility on the material.
  • You have a choice among the available colors.
  • It will perfectly fit into all the Kinetic and Propel 12' Trampolines that has 6 enclosure poles.
  • It has a great user-interface when it comes to the process of fixing this model. In no time, you will have it fixed and you will have less to worry about the curiosity of the kids that wants a piece of the cation immediately the model is delivered to your home.


  • It cannot work for rectangular trampolines.
  • The entire component parts of this model are not UV protected. The unprotected parts of the model are at the mercy of acidic rains and the harsh rays of the sun.
  • It might not last more than 6 months before it will finally rip apart.
  • When it rains, the water settles on the top of the cover and will form a sag. If you do not want the unexpected to happen, then you have to devise a means of pushing the water out of the top of the cover.
Propel Trampolines Propel Shade Cover, 12', Multicolor
74 Reviews
Propel Trampolines Propel Shade Cover, 12', Multicolor
  • One-piece Assembly drops over and ties...
  • Colors may vary

The reality of the tent for trampoline acting as an extra safety measure cannot be disputed. But when you go online, you are going to see various dimensions of the tents and the best is only good for the safety of your kids at home. After careful research on the models that are presently available on the merits of the features that come with them on their individual basis; if you desire the Best Bungee Cord Ties Trampoline Tents; then you will have your expectations met in the JumpSport BigTop 11 Feet.

This model is safe for the kid and it will deliver one of the things that excite kids in trampoline-the jump height. This trampoline tent cover will deliver a jump height that will delight the kids. This is an excellent patient pending design that you can trust; it is sturdy and despite the magnitude of the height; the kids are safe and the stability of the model is never altered.  It does its job by giving protections to the kid as well as the material of the trampoline that it is targeted to protect.

Taking a look at the trampoline tent; one can safely say that the designers of this model have done their part by giving us a model that the kids can really enjoy through the provision of a mixture of fun and excitement. If we are to go by the reviews of the customers on this model; then it will not be an overstatement if we score this model an A. Among the trampoline tents, all the reviewers, for now, are saying with one voice that this model deserves a 5-star status. On the strength of that unbiased assessment, this can be rated as one of the very best trampoline around for now.


  • It produces a very high bounce and allows a somersault that will excite the kids without losing the center of stability.
  • It offers all-around protection for the kids as well as the trampoline against all the forms of weather conditions 365 days in the year. There is no sagging of water, the easily drains out.
  • There is a jumper safety enclosure included in the technology.
  • It comes with the benefits of three windows and one door in addition to screens and zippers which will go all the way to provide the safety that the kids required while they are inside the trampoline.


  • It cannot fit into a rectangular trampoline or the ones with a conical shape. This is an area that the manufacturers should look into to spread the scope of this trampoline. For now, the use is narrowed to only the round models of trampoline.
  • The size is also an area where it can be improved. For now, the available models can only fit into 12' - 14' Round Trampolines.
JumpSport Big Top | Cushy & Elastic No-Pole Safety Design |...
31 Reviews
JumpSport Big Top | Cushy & Elastic No-Pole Safety Design |...
  • Giant 11 Feet Across, 5 1/2 Feet High
  • Patent Pending No-Pole Safety Design

Though each of the trampoline tent on the online store of the majority of the service providers has their protections in place against the harsh realities of the weather; still, the designers have taught it wise to design a cover for the tent to further boost the protection and life expectancy of the trampoline. When you have your trampoline under a tree, then when it rains, the drops of the rainwater through the leaves of the tree will have a negative impact on the texture of the trampoline.

In the light of the above, it is essential to get Best Tree House Design Trampoline Tents that will give your kids adequate protections whenever the heavens decide to open up. For the best trampoline tents in this category, after an extensive search among the models around, we can safely recommend the Bazoongi 10-Pod Enclosure because of the great features that come with it. It has the ability to produce expected results that will gladden the hearts of the kids and give them an excitement full blast that they will love and cherish.

If you are searching for one of the best kid’s tents that will protect the kids from insect bites and go on to produce a form of safety that will not make the parent to tell stories that touch the heart. This trampoline camping tent will give extra security to the kids as well as a protection that will increase the lifespan of your trampoline. However, you have to decouple this trampoline while not in use if you want it to last your real time. Decoupling it is not an easy task; it will require technical expertise if you are to get the best out of the exercise and still maintain it in its top shape.


  • Having this tent under the tree as a cover over your trampoline will be a good idea. The kids will definitely love the appearance and the curb appeal of this model. It has all the elements that kids require in a model that will give them safe when they are inside the trampoline enjoying what they know best.
  • The safety index of this trampoline is on the high side on the part of the kids as well as the protection it offers the kids.
  • The unit price is not on the high side.


  • Information about this model is very scanty. There is not much known about it; the unit price is not given as well as the measurement of this model.
  • The publicity on this model is poor; the awareness among the people is on the low side. If things remain the way it is, it will be difficult for this model to make meaningful headway in the market.
  • This product is scarce. It is practically a non-existing commodity on the online store. Getting the replacement parts for faulty parts is a near impossibility. Those that place the order for it when available will definitely have issues bothering on replacement parts.
Bazoongi 10 Pod Enclosure Cover Tree House
1 Reviews

When you go online for the business of getting a cover for your trampoline, you will never be short of options. But because there are hypes online today; every company will tell you what you want to hear that will make you click the order now button, it is very important to take a review of the trampoline tent cover that are available with the objective of getting out the ones that have features that you can be proud of.

After detailed research, it was discovered on merit through the features on open display that JumpKing 15 Ft Trampoline tent is one of the Best Canopy Style Trampoline Tents that you can rely on to give the kids adequate protections as well as the trampoline from the harsh realities of water and the sun. The dimensions  are perfect for play for the kids. It is incredibly sturdy and will give you real worth on your money invested in it. If you are able to follow the instructions to the letter, you will definitely get desired results from this trampoline tent.

If you are the fashionable type that wants a model that is sophisticated in terms of color appearance; you will have all your desires met through this mode. It can be described as one of the best kid’s tents that you will find online today. If your kids desire a shade for extended play, this is the trampoline camping tent that you should order for them because it will deliver nothing short of that. However, it should be noted that this trampoline clubhouse tent will only be useful if you are going to use it with a Bazoongi 14 ft. trampoline. Using it outside that dimension will not yield the desired results.


  • The dimensions of 144L x 144W in.is perfect for real time fun for the kid.
  • This is one solid construction that will give you the desired positive results. It is made from Polyester mesh and fiberglass construction which is sturdy enough and will give you all the benefits that the kids in a perfect trampoline.
  • This is a beautiful model if the appearance of a model is the sole factor that determines the performance of a model, and then we shall give it to this model that it will rank among the best any time any day.


  • The quality of the top is poor. In some worse scenarios, it will not last for two days before the rains shreds it into pieces.
  • The customer support on this product is terrible, to say the least. When issues arise, the customer care may not be there to give the helping hand that you are entitled to.
  • There is a high likelihood that the seams will rip open after a few months of use, some customers believed that this product is a lame product.
  • This model is not strong enough to withstand a strong rainstorm; it will give way under such conditions.
JumpKing Universal 15 ft. Trampoline Cover (Solid Green)
  • Universal trampoline cover with 6 detachable...
  • Protects trampoline from debris

When you go online for the best option in a tent for trampoline, it will not be a tea party to lay your hands on the best option that will serve your purpose. If you are the fashion icon desiring a model that will wow your kids; then the Best Colorful Design Trampoline Tents that you will get for now is not beyond Bazoongi 7.5 Feet Circus. This one model is a beauty in the excellence of design. You will get a model that the kids will naturally fall in love through this model.

This is the best kid’s tent that has a material that can withstand the weather all year round. The material is made from polyester and it meets the CPAI standards. It is a solid performer that will give you real value on your investment. Findings obtained after critically looking at the features of this model goes to show that Bazoongi 7.5 Feet Circus is reliable and a real safety measure for the kids as well as the trampoline which it is originally programmed to protect from the harsh realities of the outside weather.

This trampoline clubhouse tent model is designed for use only on the Bazoongi Jump Pod Unit. If you have other units out this, then this material is not for you. But if yours truly is the model mentioned above, then you will get the best form of protection for your trampoline through this trampoline tent cover. The patent fiberglass pole build will ensure that you get the best insurance cover on this model. No matter the intensity of the wind or the hailstorm from the rains, this model will remain solid; it will deliver a performance that will have you adequately protected from the vagaries of the outside weather.


  • This trampoline tent is a solid performer by all standards. No stone was left unturned in a desire to give a concept that will truly give desired protection for the kids.
  • It passed the stringent rules as laid down by CPAI. When it comes to standards therefore, this model rates very high.
  • It is gotten from the best of polyester materials that will give a performance which is above board. The structure is solid and will pose no issues while the kids are having fun jumping and somersaulting on this model.


  • When the atmosphere is windy, this model is not safe for use. You have to invest in weights to keep it in the balance when the winds begin to blow against this model.
  • The ventilation of this model is a big issue. You can hardly see the kids when they are inside. The kids should have a feel of the outside environment and a breath of fresh air when they are inside a trampoline which is missing with this model.
  • The customer care is horrible. When you have issues with any of the component parts; do not expect to get a reply to your Emails.
Bazoongi Circus Trampoline Tent for 7.5-Feet Jump Pod
20 Reviews
Bazoongi Circus Trampoline Tent for 7.5-Feet Jump Pod
  • Material: Polyester meeting CPAI standard
  • "G3" patent fiberglass pole internal frame on...

There is no way for anyone to get the best kid’s tent for trampoline by merely depending on what the manufacturers tell you on their portals. What you will see on such portals are the very things that will gladden your heart; they are the contents that will make you take actions by clicking the order now button. There are hypes online; taking the manufacturers merely by their words alone will not deliver the best option that money can buy to you.

A research that is devoid of all marketing hypes was taken into the models that are currently available and if you truly desired the Best Fiberglass Pole Trampoline Tents that will work for the kids; a solid insurance protection for the kids as well as the trampoline; then you will get one of the best options available from Bazoongi 7.5-Feet Tree. The features that accompany this tent for trampoline model cannot be ignored; it will give you real value on your investment in it. This trampoline tent cover has the capacity to protect the kids from all form of dangers that come with the outside environment without any attendant issues following it.

This is a choice trampoline tents that will deliver a solid performance when you have it fixed over your trampoline. It has passed the safety standards and can, therefore, deliver a complete performance that the kids will all be proud of come rain or sunshine. Your kids can take all forms of risks inside the tent and there will be no issues following such because the tent is securely fixed to the trampoline. This model will deliver unlimited nonstop bouncing and somersaulting experience to the kids without them falling into any risk that can lead to stories that touch the heart.


  • This model is reliable. It is a solid performer that the kids will love to play in; the safety measures can be trusted; both trampoline and kid will be safe inside the trampoline.
  • You can trust the material that is used in the construction of this model. When it is time for rainfall; the material will easily drain off the rain. There will be no incidence of sagging after each rainfall.
  • This tent cover fits firmly into the trampoline; there will be no issues of the tent tearing or giving way completely during the process of use.


  • There might be occasional hitches with the fixing of this cover to the trampoline. Care should be taken when fixing this model so as to avoid the big issues.
  • You might likely encounter issues with the size of the model. To some people, they find it too small and had to return it back.
  • Fixing the cover might pose a difficult problem because of the poor user-interface of this model with the customer. Expect more than an hour of frustration on your way to fixing this model when you place your order.
  • The customer care is poor, response to requests will not come immediately such is made.
Bazoongi Tree House Trampoline Tent for 7.5-Feet Jump Pod
22 Reviews
Bazoongi Tree House Trampoline Tent for 7.5-Feet Jump Pod
  • Material: Polyester meeting CPAI standard
  • "G3" patent fiberglass pole internal frame on...

Technological advancements have made the designers of trampolines to include devices that will protect their models from contact with water and the sun. The same advancements in technology have led to the discovery of trampoline tent which will go all the way to making assurances double in the index of giving adequate protection to the trampoline as well as the kids. When you go online, getting the Best Enclosure Trampoline Tents among the several options open to you will never be an easy task.

It will take research and an experience that goes with such to locating the best kid’s tent that will serve your best interests. After a painstaking and objective analysis of the models presently available online; strictly by their features, we can say with any form of fear that you will get something refreshingly better if you opt for JumpkingJumppod 7.5'. The technology involved in the design of this new entrant into the market of trampoline tents gives it an edge over its counterparts. You will get real value on your investment and your kids will definitely love this model if you order one for them.

There will never be an issue relating to the fitting of the trampoline tent cover unto the trampoline in as much as you play strictly by the instructions. This model will only fit perfectly into the JumpkingJumppod 7.5'. The kids will love the delivery of this tent because it gives them some element of their own freedom while they are inside the trampoline doing what they know best. Fresh air is allowed into the tent and when the wind comes in its high velocity or the hailstorm of the rains, the kids stand protected inside the trampoline. You can trust this trampoline clubhouse tent to deliver the quality that mattered.


  • It has a Circus-themed trampoline enclosure cover. This will give the kids all the protections that they will need from outside interference while they are bouncing on the trampoline.
  • The mesh windows will ensure that the kids get the desired ventilation. This is a far departure from some models that literally put the kids inside a prison of some sorts with the designs that prevent the kids from connecting to the outside world while inside the trampoline
  • The side zipper makes easy access into the cover and out of it very easy.


  • The weight of this model is a little on the high side. With a weight of 10 pounds, we are talking of something rather too bulky for a tent. This weight is more than the weight of some mini trampoline.
  • The usage is too narrow. The designers should come up with other models that will have a wide appeal among the various models that are available online.
  • The replacement parts should be made readily available so that buyers will have something to look up to when they have issues with the models that they ordered for. The customer care department should be up and doing.
Jumpking Jumppod 7.5' Trampoline Circus Enclosure Cover
  • Features. Mesh windows for ventilation. Side...
  • Fits only with JUMPKING JumpPOD 7.5'...

No matter the category of trampoline that you required, you will definitely get your exact specifications right there custom made for your kid. If you have decided on the brand of trampoline, then you have to carry out research on it to discover the best that is good for you. In the case of Vuly models; carrying out a Vuly trampoline review will give you the best option that is available for you. You must have an idea of the particular type of trampoline that you desired.

For instance, if you are targeting one of the large models under Vuly trampoline reviews, there are options that will suit the Best Tents For Large Trampolines that will give the kids the excitement that mattered. Taking a look at the options that are readily available here, the Vuly Thunder Tent is one option that will give you all the creative results that you will be needing moving forward. They are roomy enough to cover a large trampoline and the kids will get a form of comfort inside the trampoline tent that will give them cause for cheer.

The technology of this model is such that will guarantee expected security for the kids as well as the protections that the trampoline needs against the harsh weather conditions and the rains combined together. This model of the trampoline can withstand the weather all year round without losing its curb appeal. This extra-large model will deliver on all the promises is contained in the features; that we can confirm. It is built to last and will deliver a bounce height that the kids will love. There are no issues with the stability of this model in question, according to information gathered from Vuly trampolines reviews; you will get quality for your money when you invest in this model.


  • It is built with strong materials and will not have issues with the wind or the worst stormy weather. Nothing to fear about the weather, you can have it on outside throughout the year. This weather-resistant technology cannot be deterred by the atmospheric conditions outside.
  • It is large enough to provide shelter for several kids inside the trampoline without any cause for alarm. The condition inside the tent no matter the number of children in as much as the weight limit is not exceeded will not be a problem. It is an excellent performer.


  • The spread of the accessories of this model is a major cause for worry. Then cannot be found in some locations, if you are having issues with such trampoline accessories, it will be difficult to get the required solutions.
  • The spread of this model is also limited. It seems there is no mass production of it before the manufacturers hurriedly shipped it into the market. Perhaps it is a strategy to test the waters before going into mass production.
  • The user-friendliness of this model should be improved. The packing also needs some improvements so that customers will get their expectations met.
Vuly Thunder Tent X-Large
1 Reviews
Vuly Thunder Tent X-Large
  • Vuly Thunder Tent Extra Large

What Is The Main Purpose Of A Trampoline Tent?

Everybody wants what they invested in to last them forever, but that is not a practical possibility because wear and tear will tell on any product. However, with proper care and handling, you can as well make a product last you longer than expected. We shall be taking a look at the trampoline tent 12ft. Is it really necessary? Some of the best models come with extra protection in the technology of their designs; so why do you need another protection over the trampoline?

It will be wise to be assured if your model of trampoline is coated and securely protected from the harsh weather of the sun and acidic rain of the winter. Getting trampoline tent 15 ft cover over your trampoline will give extra protection for the trampoline-thereby protecting its life expectancy.

Taking it further, it will serve as extra protection for the kids. If they are bouncing on any of the models outside in the yard and the heavens suddenly released some showers of rain, your kid's will have nothing to worry about, they are covered. The sun will not act as a barrier for the kids as well. Getting a cover for your trampoline is a win-win situation.

Things That Should Be Considered When You Buy A Trampoline Tent

When you come live online with the aim of placing an order for the best kid’s tent; you are expected to put in extra measures so that you will not end up getting a material that will fall below expectations. There are some must-have features in a tent which you must be on the lookout for. If you want to go by the models that have a zippered entrance,check and make assurances be sure that the zip is secure enough. If you have your doubts after your research, please look elsewhere for a better alternative.

The trampoline tent cover that will get your seal of approval should have windows. The best among the models around come with the technology of adjustable windows to allow a breath of fresh air while the kids are bouncing away on the trampoline.

The material of the model should be taken into serious considerations. The cover material should come with some weather resistant technology that will enable it to withstand all the weather conditions throughout the 365 days in the year. Overall, you must go for the cover that promises a mixture of fun and safety for the kids.

Types Of Trampoline Tents

When you come online for the purpose of placing an order for the best tent for trampoline; you are going to be faced with several options; choosing the right one is not an easy task. However, your choice should be based on the backdrop of the size of your trampoline and the space available. We have the rectangular as well as the circular options in the model of the trampoline; your choice should be one that perfectly fits into the edges of the trampoline.

You must consider the following features which are a must have for any tent before you place your order:

•    A good trampoline tent should be one that will work with your safety net in place. Do not remove the net for the cover; both should naturally work together for real-time protections.

•    The size of your trampoline and the support poles that it has should be considered and the perfect tent for that which comes with the commanding credibility should be your choice.

•    In some instances where we are having kids who are high jumpers; the center length of the cover should be a serious factor in order to deliver a tent that will not limit the bounce height of the child.

•    Some of the models have a retractable roof that is connected to a bungee cord, they are ideal for kids that love to bounce to high levels. You will see some equally good models that use the technology of fiberglass, some do not have a center support.

•    You are advised to invest in models that are water as well as weatherproof. Leaving such outside in the open when they are not in use will not pose problems.

•    There should be plenty of ventilation in any model that you are investing to avoid issues of overheating when the kids are inside bouncing.

How Should You Select The Best Trampoline Tent?

This is a statement of fact, all the trampoline tent cover that you get to see online come with their differing degrees of quality. So how do you know the best quality that will give you real value on your investment? Every day of the week, we find out that new models are been introduced into the market and every model will do all in their capacity to convince the online buyers that they are the best. To get the best among the available models, the following tips will be of valuable help:

  • The Zippered Entrance: This entrance plays an important role as far as the safety of the kids are concerned when they are on the trampoline. Check the technology that comes with the zip of the entrance; if it is one that easily opens; one that closes easily, then you are safe with this model. That is one of my first trampoline considerations when l wanted to choose a quality tent for my kids.
  • Ventilation: After the issue of the zip, the next point of concern should be the ventilation that comes with the trampoline tent 14ft. The recommendation here is to go for models that come with the luxury of at least three screened windows. There is a need for adequate ventilation for the kids when they are indoors having fun with the trampoline.
  • The User Interface: The best kid’s tent should not be too technical when it comes to assembling it or decoupling it. There are many brilliant models, but their user-friendliness is a big issue because getting them together is hell on earth. Your choice among the available options should be the one that you can assemble easily on your own under the space of one hour. You will get to know them by going through the reviews of the users.
  • The Diameter: The dimension of the trampoline should be taken as another huge factor if you really want to get the best results. The bigger trampolines are best suited to fit perfectly into the trampoline tent. For trampolines whose radius ranges between 8 to 17 feet in diameter, it will be pretty easy to get the perfect fit that will go with them.
  • Shape Of Trampoline: Another equally very strong factor that you are to bear in mind is the shape of your trampoline. The tent that goes for the round shape is quite different from the one that will go for the rectangular shape. The oval-shaped models will require a tent that will fit into their shape.
  • Color: The suggested color should not be one that will fade away easily; it will easily lose its curb appeal if that is the case and you will be forced to look for another model sooner than later. Make sure you choose your trampoline tent cover from service providers that has a lot of color choices.  Make sure you are ordering for a color that will not fade after a brief period of time.
  • UV Protection: This is also a crucial factor that you must take into consideration. The beautiful color that you have chosen will be at the mercy of the sun and the rains outside. The models that are UV protected will not lose their color appeal easily.
  • Ease Of Entry: The best kid’s tent should be one that delivers easy entry and exit for the kids. Only the model that provides unlimited fun is good for your kid. If you are not comfortable with the technology of the entry as well as that of the exit; then do not order for such a model.

Our Final Recommendation 

Taking a look at all the models out for review and considering the ratings of the satisfied customers, our take is on JumpSport BigTop 11 Feet Trampoline Tent. It will deliver all that the kids need in a trampoline tent. Above every other thing, the unit price of $99 is pocket-friendly

Few Last Words

We have objectively taken a look at the best tent for trampoline that money can buy today. The analysis is based purely on their individual merits; it is not an attempt to sell any brand. If you go by the tips that we have shared here, you will definitely get a quality that will give you desired peace of mind.

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