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Best Mini Trampolines For Toddlers: Reviews and Buying Guide Of Toddler Trampoline for 2023

The best trampoline for toddlers is the one that will keep your little ones safe. When you come online, be sure to do an extensive research on what's out there and find a product which meets all of their needs so they don't get hurt in any way possible!

Mini trampolines are perfect for little ones that have just learned how to walk or are too young for a big kid's trampoline. The best part about this one is that it only takes up about 3 feet of space in your home, instead of taking up half the room (or your backyard) like most other trampolines do. Some baby trampolines are even foldable which makes them even more of a great toy.

Top 10 Best Toddler Trampolines

Mini trampolines are designed for children who are between the ages of 3 to 6 years. They are meant to be used indoors, so if that suits your purpose then there is no better trampoline than this one! The construction usually includes both plastics and metal components which ensures durability without sacrificing comfort or safety features like the top bars made specifically for toddlers' smaller hands in mind (or feet!).

You can be sure that these trampolines with bar will not damage the floor of your home. The assembly  is pretty easy and you will get it done within minutes. If you want a great toy for your kid that is between 3-6 years for indoor use, you can trust this type of trampolines to deliver. Especially if your little one is always bursting with energy!

If you have a toddler and you want the best trampoline for toddlers, then you can go for the Little Tikes 3’ model. Your kid is safe using this trampoline because of it has all the safety features you need to keep your child safe. The jumping surface is pretty large but not too big. There are 5 rubber-coated feet for greater stability. And, there, of course the handlebar that ensures that your child will not fall off while bouncing. You can read a full review of all three Little Tikes 3 ft trampolines here.


  • It is a great way for kids to burn off energy.
  • The assembly time is great. It can take as little as 15 mins.
  • It has elastic webbings that ensure the safety of the child while they are bouncing on the model.
  • This model can withstand long hours of use. It is durable.


  • The handlebar cushion is too fragile
  • The legs may fall off 
  • The guards that are meant to protect the child could be more stable.
Little Tikes 3' Trampoline – Amazon Exclusive
7,868 Reviews
Little Tikes 3' Trampoline – Amazon Exclusive
  • Perfect trampoline for toddlers to burn off...
  • Features large jumping surface and handle bar...

If you are looking for a model that comes with supper real protection device incorporation, then your pick should be Airzone 55-Inch. The patented entrance enclosure zipped opening comes with the complement of support poles are covered with foam thereby providing extra protection for the kids when they are bouncing on the toddler trampoline with handlebar. The fear of accidental bounce off from this model is thereby reduced by a very significant extent. The suspension system is also worthy of mention. It is made from a soft bungee cord which delivers safe bouncing for the kids.

When you order for this model, you will get a device with good user-friendliness that will not take your time to assemble. No drilling is required during the process of assembling. It has been tested in the laboratory and you can be sure of its reliability. Each model you buy comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. All the safety protocols required for any toddler mini trampoline has been taken care of right from the lab by the designers of this toy. You will get hours of fun and exercise from this model.


  • It is pretty easy to assemble.
  • No drilling; no tool is required in assembling it.
  • It is very sturdy in build.
  • The price is very pocket-friendly.


  • Expect issues with the zippers to the opening; they might not function properly.
  • The size of the indoor trampoline for toddler is too large; takes too much space indoors.
  • The zippers might break anytime without notice. 
  • The poles are not sturdy enough in construction. This is an area that needs obvious improvement.
AirZone 4-1/2 Foot Kids First Outdoor Band Trampoline with...
249 Reviews
AirZone 4-1/2 Foot Kids First Outdoor Band Trampoline with...
  • Patented enclosure entrance zips open, and...
  • Soft bungee cord suspension system for...

This is a model that you can trust to deliver both an indoor as well as an outdoor fun for kids. If you are looking for a sturdy economy model that will give you full value for your money, then you can trust FirstE toddler outdoor trampoline. This is a sturdy and safe model with a metal frame and, at the same time, it is compact and will definitely deliver unending fun for the kids. One of the great perks is that you will get a replacement if you find any missing or defective parts for 12 months from the date of purchase.

This model according to the description from the manufacturer (and most other reviewers) is easy to assemble. The FirstE toddler trampoline is also a great pick when it comes to safety. There are no springs showing and the cords are covered by a thick foam mat for maximum protection of your kid. There is no room for accidents caused by a slippery design here because this model has a rubber cover leg technology. This is a trampoline for toddler that comes with a foldable design; it will not take much of your space and you can easily fold and keep it when not in use thereby giving you the space that you deserved indoors.


  • It is very sturdy thanks to the metal frame.
  • Enhanced safety — the springs are protected by a thick layer of foam.
  • Delivers fun without boundaries to the kids.
  • An excellent way to work on the strength and stamina of the kids.
  • This is one of the best trampolines for toddlers that is safe for every baby because the rules were strictly enforced in its design.


  • It doesn't fold but you can easily disassemble it and move it outside 
  • The instructions can be a bit hard to read.
FirstE 55'' Kids Trampolines, Mini Trampoline for Children...
  • Recreational Trampoline for Kids: The 55"...
  • Safe Enclosure Net: The kids trampoline is...

If you have heard about trampoline and you earnestly desire one that will give you real results when you put it to us, then you can try Sportspower My First Trampoline, it will deliver on expectations. In terms of its durability and safety, you can trust the designers of this model because they have gone all the way to deliver a concept that will really give results on expectation. It comes with a galvanized steel that makes it rust resistant when you use it outdoors or when it comes in contact with water.

This is one quality construction that makes exercise real fun for the kids. A pleasant way for the young ones to work their muscles, improve on their flexibility as well as boost their heart rate. The base is very stable and it is very low to the ground and the padded trampoline spring cover will prevent any form of entanglement that might lead to injury. This is one Toddler Trampoline With Bar that is ideal for kids who are just starting with this model. The safety measures included in the manufacturer is one that you can trust to deliver when the kids are bouncing on this device.


  • It lasts long because of the rust-resistant galvanized steel.
  • The height to the ground is low, it will ensure safety for the kid.
  • The UV treated netting and jump mat ensures protection for the kid.
  • It is a strong model that can withstand long hours of use.


  • The process of assembling this toddler trampoline is not exactly user-friendly.
  • The packaging isn't great; some of the parts may be damaged during shipment.
  • Finding replacement parts is difficult.
Asee'm 60" Trampoline for Kids with Net - 5 FT Indoor...
  • 【STURDY FRAMES】Rust-proof steel structure...
  • 【SAFETY】Wear-resistant, UV-resistant jump...

If you want a toddler trampoline that will give the concept of pure fun to your kids, then you are advised not to look beyond Pure Fun Monster Jumper. After taking a careful look of the promises contained in the features of this model, one can safely say that you will get all your expectations met for real fun without stories that touch the heart when the kids are jumping on this trampoline. Much like Springfree trampolines, the Pure Fun trampoline is designed with safety in mind. The spring system of this model is covered with mesh and cushioning that will deliver the safety that is expected from any model. 

With the ergonomic concept that comes with a bar of this model, you can be sure your kids will get extra safety while they are using this model. The bouncing system is one that will not let the kid jump off the mat. Great effort has been put into getting a device that will give real safety to the kids while they are bouncing on it. This color of this model is another factor, it is bright and will attract the attention of kids. And, why not, become their favourite toy!


  • This toddler trampoline is indeed safe to use because it comes with safety elements included in the design.
  • The Pure Fun Kids trampoline is very sturdy.
  • The weight can sustain up to 75  Lbs at any point in time.
  • The spring system (covered with mesh and cushioning) creates a safe worry-free bouncing environment for the kids.


  • Assembling it can be difficult. 
  • The instruction manual is a bit of a letdown.
  • Getting replacement parts is not always easy.
Pure Fun 36-inch Monster Plush Jumper Kids Trampoline with...
  • 31-inch tall, cushioned handrail for added...
  • Soft and Cuddly monster face detaches for use...

The SkyBound toddler trampoline with handlebar is worth your investment if you decide to try it for your kids. There are two main color variants, the blue, and red color and depending on your bias for color, you will get all expectations met from them. There are two fun designs here which will go all the way to inspire the fun and creativity in kids. The handlebar is covered with foam and made from PVC which goes all the way to ensure safety for the kids when they are using this model.

It is made from a steel material and to give more protection for the kids, it is covered with a thick premium PVC pad that delivers more protection for the kids; you will not be short of safety while using this toddler mini trampoline model. It comes with a rubber feet technology that prevents scuffing on non-carpeted floors and goes on to resists resist slippage. The padded handlebar that extends inwards ensures that the stability of this device is sustained while the kid is bouncing on it. The kids will get real fun with this model and the safety that comes with it.


  • This is a stable device that will not lose its center of gravity no matter the effects of the bouncing impact on it from the kid
  • It is a friendly-model that will not destroy your floor.
  • The protection of the kid guaranteed with SkyBound toddler outdoor trampoline.


  • It is difficult to assemble.
  • The components parts that need to be assembled are too many and can easily confuse anyone trying to assemble it.
  • Expect occasional issues with the base pieces; they might not fall in order.
  • The springs might prove stubborn; it will simply refuse to stretch and attaching it will be a mission impossible.
ATIVAFIT 36-Inch Folding Trampoline Mini...
  • SAFE DESIGN: Ativafit trampoline comes with a...

If you truly desire a cool toddler outdoor trampoline that will take away all the worries that come with the use of this model that you read online, then you can pitch your trampoline tent with Original Toy Company Fold. A look at the efforts that they have put into getting a safety device both indoors and outdoors for the kids shows that they have taken care of most of the worries that come with earlier models that have given parents cause for worry.

This model of toddler mini trampoline has an incredible user interface. If the manufacturers are true to their promise, then in five minutes, you can assemble as well as disable this model. If you have a kid that has special needs, then you can trust the technology in this device to give you all that your child needs to get along with it without any cause for alarm. This is one model that boasts in its ability that it has met all the safety requirements that will guarantee it fit for use by the kids with any form of fear of injuries. The size is ideal; the rating calls for cheer.


  • This toddler trampoline with handle comes with a perfect interface that will make but the kid and parent beam with smiles.
  • Ideal for ADHD children and kids with autism
  • Can take a huge weight of 150 pounds.
  • This model not only meet the safety standards, but it also goes on to exceed the expectations.


  • You might get a defect from the legs upon delivery.
  • The back of this model will lift off the ground too high when too much pressure is applied to it. This is a safety issue that can cause problems.
  • The packing of the materials needs to be improved upon to avoid damage to the component parts during shipping.
The Original Fold & Go Trampoline (TM) (Red)
  • EASY DISASSEMBLY: Disassembles just as easily...

The technology of this Little Tikes Toddler Trampoline is one that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Galt Toys comes with an easy grip technology that enables the kids to have great fun. The handles come with a perfect screw that makes them easy to assemble and dismantle; you will have no stress using it indoors as well as bringing out for the outdoor user. It can withstand moist from the weather outside and will definitely last you for a long time with continuous use. This is one technology that encourages the kids to exercise and keep fit with any fear of injuries.

There is an evident padded cover around the mat; it serves as an extra security assurance that will prevent the kids from stepping on the bungee cord. This is ideal for children from the age of three upwards. The maximum weight that this model can accommodate at a time is 25 kg. It cannot take more than one kid at a time. This model looks simple and attractive in its design, the kids will definitely love it and there are little risks involved with the handlebar technology that comes with it.


  • It has a perfect user interface.
  • Easily assembled when you get your order.
  • It is easily disabled when you want to keep it after use.
  • Padded cover around the mat prevents kids from stepping on the bungee cord.
  • Ideal for the age bracket of three years old and upwards.


  • You have to thread the jumping mat into the frame of this trampoline for toddler.
  • The bungee cord can break without notice.
  • The instructions necessary to put it together are not clear enough.
  • The handlebar is another issue with this model. The welding is not great.
Galt Toys, Folding Trampoline
803 Reviews
Galt Toys, Folding Trampoline
  • Toddler trampoline with easy grip handle...
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use with...

Talking about SkyBound, this is one Little Tikes Toddler Trampoline that has something for the kids that desire fun unlimited. It is very easy to set up, you do not need any technical know-how to assemble the parts together. The safety trampoline with enclosure that has been incorporated into the technology of this model will take care of all worrisome safety issues that might have been giving you some cause for fear. The mesh netting of this model on closer observation is of high quality.

If you desire the quality best from any model that will have your kid completely covered, you will get the quality from SkyBound Super 7. This is one model that will deliver hours of fun and total entertainment providing a great form of entertainment for the kids. With a maximum capacity of 110 lbs, it can provide fun for three 4-year-old at the same time without any attendant issues. The steel tube frames are safely padded with foam. If the words from the manufacturers are to be relied upon, then you will get all the desires for fun and safety mixed together from this model.


  • It is easy to set up; comes with an excellent user interface.
  • The legs will not cause damage to your floor as well as your carpet.
  • The safety enclosure net ensures the safety of the kids while they are bouncing on this toddler trampoline with bar model.


  • The metal parts are not well coated. They become greasy with the impact of little moist on them outdoors.
  • The odor that comes from it when wet can be unpleasant.
  • The plastic tools provided are not a big help when it is time to attach the springs to the frame.
  • The packaging is not great. Some of the parts come damaged.
60' Trampoline for Kids,Mini Toddler Trampoline with...
26 Reviews
60" Trampoline for Kids,Mini Toddler Trampoline with...
  • 【Perfect Toddler Trampoline】Jumping is a...
  • 【Good elasticity and protection】This...

The Little Tikes 7' enclosed trampoline for toddlers is one perfect toddler trampoline with net (zippered mesh safety) and thus you will be less worried for your kids. It is specifically designed for kids within the age bracket of 3-6 years. The technology of this model according to the manufacturers is a perfect way to burn off energy. For extra security, it features high standard pad protectors. It is perfect to deliver an unending fun to kids and it is one perfect way to burn off excess energy.

A more careful observation of the features of this model shows that it has a large jumping surface of 7 ft. This is a good point because the incident of kids falling off the line and getting injured while they are bouncing is reduced to the barest minimum. The enclosed area for bouncing is of high durability and will provide your little ones with great time of bouncy fun on this toddler mini trampoline. When the large surface area combines with the safety net to ensure the kid did not fall off the line, the result is a perfect delivery that ensures the safety of the child on this model.


  • It is a perfect trampoline for toddler that will ensure the safety of the child.
  • It features a large surface area for jumping.
  • It is easily assembled and disabled.
  • The frame consists of fine quality materials.
  • It is easy to move it around.


  • The metal parts are not well coated. It becomes greasy with the impact of little moist on it outdoors.
Little Tikes 7' Trampoline
  • Durable, high-quality kid trampoline with...
  • The frame is made of durable blow-molded...

Health Benefits of Toddler Trampolines

Away from the fear of injuries, there are some health benefits that can be gotten through the use of trampoline. Let us take a look at some of them:

Cardiovascular health and development

The heart of every child is a muscle that needs to be challenged in order for it to function perfectly well. For a perfect heart workout; toddler indoor trampoline can deliver that.

Strengthened Immune System

The rebounding gotten from this model under review helps to promote optimal blood flow which is of help in strengthening the lymphatic system leading to the strengthening of the immune system. Increased digestion is also promoted through this form of exercise.

Vestibular System Activation 

It is a statement of scientific fact that the vestibular system is located in the inner recesses of the ear and it coordinates awareness and spatial orientation in the child. When the child activates the system through bouncing, the brain becomes more active in its interpretation of data and provision of feedback to the body.

Improves Balance And Coordination 

When a child is bouncing on his toddler indoor trampoline, it will deliver the required balance that the child needs to maintain the status quo in his/her center of gravity. This is a perfect way for a child to get his/her balance right in life.

Large Muscle Development 

Another important reason why the child should get an encounter with this device under review is its ability to give the child the benefits of developing the muscle.

Risks Of Using A Trampoline By A Toddler

There is no perfect invention, as we have the good side, so comes with it the other side that we have to watch out for. This is the expected experience that kids will get from the use of toddler indoor trampoline. I have the personal experience with this model some years back with my five-year-old.

There are risks involved when your kid gets thrown into the air; the free fall that follows it may land the kid on the metal frame or the hard floor. You can imagine the risks involved here. If we are to go by the advice of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons; kids under 6 should never be allowed to use this device, Are kids in the older age bracket safe? The answer is capital no!

So what are the chances that your kids will get hurt using toddler indoor trampoline? The stats are not clear on how many kids jump on this device is needed to give a clear answer to this question. In the year 2016 among under 18 kids, there were recorded cases of 103,512 accidents that landed the kids in the emergency room in the US.

Injuries caused by this device are a little more serious when compared to the ones through other devices. Are we to ban the kids from using this device outright? Remembering the good side of it; l as a person will still allow my kid to use the device but on guided instructions.

Types Of Toddler Trampolines 

Indoor Versus Outdoor Mini Trampolines

When you decide to purchase any of the branded toddler trampoline with bar for toddler , one of the major considerations is the purpose to which the device is going to be used for. The choice of the model that is going to be used indoors is quite different from the one earmarked to be used outdoors. If you really want something that will last you through the distance, then you have to consider the atmosphere before you place an order for any of the models that you will see online.

In a situation where you have a space to store the device indoors after use and you only intend to make use of it on special days, then you can order for an indoor Little Tikes toddler trampoline which will serve outdoor purposes as well. Where you want the kid to make use of it at the backyard, then your best bet is the outdoor rated trampolines models because they come with a fabric that is UV protected. The harsh conditions of the weather will have no effect on them and you can enjoy the model for as long as possible.

So when you are out to purchase any of the models, the overriding factor should be a point of use.

Handlebar Versus Enclosure 

Going through all the available models that are on the market today; talking about the best among them, it will not be an easy task choosing between a handlebar model and the one that comes with an enclosure when the choice when you want to make a decision between the two. The reason is that all the models come with the two in place. So if you want to choose a toddler outdoor trampoline for your kid on the basis of the factor that we are considering here, it will not be easy to come out with a choice between the two.

Considering size, if your desire is something small that does not come with barriers, then your best choice should be the handle style. However, if your style is something that you can fill with balls; you desire something more spacious that will give room for more play; then you are strongly advised to go for the enclosure model. The decision on the choice of the best model should go that way as advised and you will be happy seeing your kid playing around in the model. This is the perfect way to go between these choices.

Round Versus Rectangular Trampolines

The choice of shape is another difficult decision to make when you want to place your order for the best trampoline for toddler that is best for you and your family. The shape of this object will play a crucial role in what actually will work for you and your family. I remember my first trampoline time out; making a decision between a rectangular trampolines and round shape is not as easy as it appears on paper. You have to consider some factors before you make your final decision; if the truth should be told, the first time or even the uninitiated regular will find it difficult making the right choice.

The weight should be taken into consideration. Also, what do you intend to use the model for? Another factor that you must consider is the safety that comes with each of the shapes. Your budget is also a factor that you must put into consideration before choosing any of the shapes. The stats show that 80% of injuries from this model occurs because of the lack of enclosure. Therefore, in determining the shape that you are going to order for, let safety be your overriding principle in your final decision among the two.

How To Use Toddler Trampolines Safely?  

There is no perfect invention on earth; every model that comes out has safety regulation that governs its use, the same applies to every toddler indoor trampoline that you see online. Injuries are known to have happened when the kids are using this device, but the good thing about it is that these injuries can be prevented if adequate precautionary measures were taken. From my point of personal experience, l have to read extensively on how best to remain safe while using this device before I ever allowed my kids to step out with the device.

One of the strong lessons learned was never allowed a child who is below the age of six to use the toddler indoor trampoline. This is a piece of advice that will prove very helpful if the rule can be enforced in every family. When the child is of age, never allow two of them to use the device at the same time. It should be strictly a one-person affair if we are to prevent accidents. Keep an eye on your kid when they are using the device; when they want to go beyond the limit, you can easily blow the whistle. It is mandatory that you keep the toddlers away while this play model is in use.

If the mat is wet, do not use the toddler outdoor trampoline. A wet surface will easily make the child slip on top of the mat while they are bouncing. You can imagine the result of that.

How To Select A Trampoline For A Toddler

When you go online to make any purchase, the overriding factor is to get the best that will produce the best results. There are factors to be considered in doing this; when you want to purchase a toddler mini trampoline for your child, the following tips will help you get the best that is most suitable for your child:

The User-Interface

When you go online, do not put your money on any model except you are sure that you can easily assemble it when you get it delivered to you. The size of it makes it mandatory that every component is delivered in their component parts. Go for the ones that you can assemble within minutes.

Dual Purpose Model

If you are in need of an indoors model for instance, then go for a model that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Chances are that your kid may decide to venture to the backyard with his toddler mini trampoline, get something that will serve both purposes effectively.

The Usage

Another factor that you must bear in mind is the type of people that can make use of the device. There are quality models that can accommodate the weight of the adult. They are best suited for you.

The Construction

You should only consider the models that come with solid construction that will guarantee a long life. The construction of your choice should not be one that will damage your floor.

The Netting

To prevent the kids from falling off while bouncing on the device; go for the spec that comes with the benefits of safety netting.


Watch out for the trampoline for toddler that has handles. They guarantee safety for the kids.

Folding Device

Go for the ones that come with a folding mechanism. You will conserve space doing that.

Final Words

Going through the list of 10 best trampoline models above, it can be clearly said on merit that SkyBound Mini Trampoline With Handle Bar will make the best buy. With a 4.5 rating out of 5 and the least pocket-friendly among those so rated; it stands taller than the rest.t here...

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