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Skywalker Trampolines With Enclosures 15ft 12ft Reviews 2023

When you go online to place an order for a Skywalker Trampoline with the numerous models online making the right choice might not be as easy as you had imagined. I knew what l went through in terms of research when l was searching for my first trampoline online that will deliver the combination of safety and comfort. It is on the backdrop of this that we have gone deep into Skywalker Trampolines review to bring you the best that is available for now. The info below and review of 6 of the best trampoline brand that are available for now will prove valuable in your search for the best on the shelf.

skywalker trampolines


Best Skywalker Trampoline Comparison Table 2023

Best Skywalker’s Trampolines Reviews

#1. Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline

If you desire an amazing and spacious ​skywalker trampolines 15-feet jump n’ dunk trampoline with safety enclosure and basketball hoop you will get your hearts to desire through this model. The kids will love the basket hoop and will have enough fun with this trampoline. There are no related issues with the outside environment. The combination of the worst windstorm as well as a rainstorm cannot destroy this model because it is built strong and solid with the harsh weather conditions in mind.

If you desire a toy that will last you long and deliver the best safety while the kids are bouncing and dunking, then you can give it to this model. This is a perfect opportunity for the kids to have great fun as well as sharpen their slamming and dunking skills. If your kid is a basket buff and you want to make a champion out of him then you can go for this spec under review. The unit price is a fair deal for the quality that you will get from it, this is one perfect way for your kids to have fun while you have your eyes closed with the confidence that they will not fall a victim of an accident during their play time due to the safety measures applied to this model.

skywalker 15' trampoline


  • It is very strong and sturdy.
  • Can withstand the worst weather conditions 365 days in a year.
  • There is three years limited warranty on this product.
  • In terms of safety that come with this model, it is in a soar-away class of its own because safety is the number parameter in its design.


  • The enclosure poles are the missing link in this design.
  • The mat that comes with this model can easily give way through an embarrassing tear. In that case, it will render the entire trampoline useless.
  • Be ready for replacement parts just after six months of continuous use.
Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Round...
2,365 Reviews
Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Round...
  • Assembled dimensions: 15’ x 15’ x 9’;...
  • Safety is our #1 priority: Patented enclosure...

#2. Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Round Trampoline 

I was very excited with the performance of the Skywalker 12 Trampoline that l bought for my grandchild after his insistence that I buy a birthday gift for him. Experiences that l read online about issues bothering on safety gave me some goose pimples during my wide search among the wide options that were before which will deliver a combination of safety and comfort.

You will never be disappointed with the performance of this model because the kids will surely have a real swell time bouncing on this model and coming out unhurt after every round of bouncing and somersaulting on the trampoline.

skywalker rectangle trampoline

For the creative best during the process of assembling it, you are strongly advised to place a separate order for a spring puller tool because the reviews on the one that comes with the box did not call for cheer. With that in place, you will be through assembling it within 3 three hours even if you are a newbie. Make sure you line up the encloser loops with proper spring holes to avoid injury during the course of assembling because there are incidences of people who had been left with injuries caused by the enclosure loop.


  • There are greater structural stability due to a reinforced t-bracket construction which provides extra security at the joints of this model.
  • The enclosure net is tightly woven to prevent pulling off with the intensity of bounce on the model.
  • It exceeds ASTM safety standards.
  • There is the heavy gauge that is rust resistant.


  • Expect issues with the spring as well as its cover.
  • This model will begin to fall apart with continuous use after about six months of purchase.
  • Expect some missing parts when the box arrives at your home and a disappointing cold shoulder from the customer care when you lay your complaints.
Skywalker Trampolines Round Trampoline with Enclosure,...
105 Reviews
Skywalker Trampolines Round Trampoline with Enclosure,...
  • Reinforced t-bracket construction provides...
  • Patented no-gap enclosure System attaches net...

#3. Skywalker Trampolines 14′ Round Trampoline and Enclosure 

The problem with most buyers online today lies in their tight schedule which does not enable them to carry out worthy research on the items before they click the order now button. Having taken a critical appraisal of the merits of this Skywalker Trampoline 14’ trampoline, one can confidently say that the kids will have great fun on with a high bounce and accompanied with attendant security that will give them desired peace of mind.

The quality of the material parts of this model calls for joy because it will last the kids real long even with continuous use because great work has been put into the design in their effort to give something that is durable and one that ensures safety of the kids for every second to the hour that they will spend bouncing on the trampoline.

skywalker trampoline 15

There is cause for joy over the enclosure net because it will guarantee the safety that will give you peace of mind. It is securely attached to the body of the Skywalker 14 Trampoline and the technology is one that will not bring any cause for worry while the kids are happily doing what they know best on the trampoline.


  • When it comes to the issue of safety, give it to this trampoline because the kids will have unlimited fun in a safe environment.
  • This model is sturdy and strong to withstand continuous use all the year round.
  • It has an excellent user interface.


  • Information is power, only very little is said about this model and which will not allow the customer to have enough info when placing their order.
  • This model comes in 2-3 boxes from different facilities is a big minus and it is not in favor of the customer.

#4. Skywalker Trampolines 10 Ft. Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring 

This is one model that you can trust because of the safety measures put into its manufacture and the ability to withstand the outside weather for a long time. You can leave this model out in the cold for close to three years and you can be sure that the component parts will still function normal irrespective of the harsh conditions of the summer and winter weather put together.

However, after using this model for a long period of time continuously, there will be issues with dismantling it because the bolts holding the component parts together will be very difficult to get rid of. A careful observation of some of the component parts after you succeed in dismantling it will reveal that they have seen better days. The springs, for instance, will show traces of weakness and l believe you know the security implication of that to the safety of the kids why they are having fun on the Skywalker Trampoline.

skywalker trampolines review

Overall this trampoline will give the kids enough fun combined with a safety regime that will give you the peace of mind while the kids are having a swell time inside their play toy.


  • This model well tested for safety and durability which makes it reliable and dependable. You can go to sleep while the kids have fun.
  • The quality of the component parts is above board.
  • This model is made from galvanized steel and therefore it is weather and rust resistant.
  • The stability is on the high side.


  • Expect issues when you want to disable it after a long period of use.
  • The springs become weak after about three years of use and will pose safety risks to the kids.
  • The base of this model is not sturdy enough. Expect it to give way after about six months of rigorous and continuous use.
Skywalker Trampolines 10 -Foot Round Trampoline and...
347 Reviews
Skywalker Trampolines 10 -Foot Round Trampoline and...
  • Safety is our #1 priority: patented enclosure...
  • Safe design: 64, 5.5" long steel rust...

​#5. Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline and Enclosure  

If you want to place an order for a model online, it is mandatory that the manufacturers have the item in stock or else the customer will be on a wide goose chase. That is the much l can say of this Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline model under review. No matter the quality a product brings to the customers if the item is not on the list displayed on the shelf then it is not worth the chase.

If you are to place an order for this item then you have to brace up for a situation where you will get little info on it. What is the size of it? How much weight capacity can it carry? The two questions will be begging for answers that will never come if you decide to place an order for it. How about customer reviews that will go all the way to tell you that indeed what the manufacturers promised in their features are for real? They are missing as far as this item is concerned-at least for now. So why waste your time on an anonymous product? This item, for now, should only be considered when the necessary info on it is brought to the public domain.

skywalker trampolines reviews


  • Expect prompt shipping of this model if it is available on the shelf.
  • The picture of the finished trampoline helps in covering up the missing link in the manufacturer’s manual.
  • Assembling the component parts is easy when you put the like parts together before beginning the process.


  • There is little info on this model and it is not currently available in the market.
  • No customer reviews on this product yet. Placing an order is a risk-based purely on what the manufacturers say about the product in its features.
Skywalker Trampolines 14-Foot Rectangle Trampoline with...
354 Reviews
Skywalker Trampolines 14-Foot Rectangle Trampoline with...
  • Your purchase includes 1 Skywalker...
  • Trampoline dimensions: 14’ x 9’ x 9’....

#6. Skywalker Trampolines 17 ft. Oval Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

If you want luxury at its best then you must be prepared to pay more for it. That tells the story of Skywalker Trampolines 17 ft.  This is one ​skywalker trampoline 17 foot that is excellent in design and perfect in delivery when the kids begin to bounce and somersault on it. Expect something that is solid and one that will last the kids for a long time when getting your delivery.

If the unit price of $521.32 is within your reach, then you can go for this model with the perfect assurance that you will get real value from this luxury product. It is safe for the kids and the materials used in its construction will definitely last the kids and deliver unlimited fun in a safe environment. If you expect an oval shape as advertised then you are in for a shocker because this model is actually round in shape and not oval.

skywalker rectangle trampoline with enclosure 15 feet

The Skywalker Trampolines reviews indicate that this model is worth the investment because the kids will definitely go crazy about it when it is delivered to them. You can trust its stability and the safety measures included in the design.


  • Galvanized steel frames give this model the ability to withstand the harsh conditions of the weather outside and ensure that the material remains intact to deliver the safety that the kids need while having fun.
  • There is a variety of colors to choose from.
  • The safety enclosure net raises the bar on safety.


  • It is not easily affordable.
  • The shape advertised is deceptive because after full assembly you will get a round shape and not an oval shape.
  • Expect issues with the legs that might not just fit in because some of the packages come with legs that fall short of the required length.
17' x15' Oval Trampoline and Enclosure Pad Color: Blue
58 Reviews
17' x15' Oval Trampoline and Enclosure Pad Color: Blue
  • Frame constructed of heavy gauge galvanized...
  • Reinforced T-sockets stabilize the upper...

What Should You Keep In Mind While Buying A Trampoline? 

You cannot just go online for the purchase of a trampoline without first getting prepared in your mind before clicking the tabs on your device.  You would have heard about the negative sides of trampoline before you decide to pitch your tents with Trampoline Skywalker. The first consideration will definitely be on the safety of the kids.

The model that is worth your penny should be one that will keep the kids safe while they are bouncing and somersaulting on the toy.

Another equally important factor after the safety index is the space that you have for the Skywalker jump and dunk Trampoline. If your space is small then a corresponding small trampoline should be the target of focus. Your space will determine the size of the trampoline that you will end up with at the end of the day.

Which of the trampoline do you intend to buy for your kid? We have the Skywalker oval Trampolines models as well as the round and rectangular models. The choice here should fit perfectly into the space that you have at hand. It should be noted that the rectangular models cost more than other models. So your budget should be a factor here as well.

The weight of that Skywalker Trampoline jumps and dunk model that caught your fancy must be the ideal one that can effectively take the weight of your kid. You also have the factor of where you want to use the trampoline. If you want something an indoor use then go for models designed for such, do the same thing if it is for best outdoor trampoline use.

If it is a situation where you want to use it for both indoors and outdoors then the model that comes with dual purpose should be the one you should invest in.

Are Skywalker Trampolines Safe? 

The first major concern of anyone that desires to order for a trampoline is the safety that comes with the model of your choice. The manufacturers of the Skywalker oval Trampoline and other models will tell you that theirs is the best in terms of safety. Are we to believe them hook line and sinker? There are two major safety issues while kids are having fun on the trampoline. It is either the kid falls off the trampoline base or they accidentally land on the spring of the trampoline. Now the question:‘Can you actually trust that Skywalker Trampoline jump and dunk safety index?’

Some trampolines are fixed into the ground. So when the kids are bouncing on such models, the idea is that their safety will be guaranteed because of the stability that it brings. The kids will feel as if they are bouncing on the ground.

In other to prevent jumping out of the trampoline, the models from Skywalker come with safety enclosures that ensure that the kids are well-protected while on the trampoline. If you want to enjoy the safety precautions that come with Skywalker Trampolines then you have to follow the weight limits prescribed by the manufacturers. Those that disobey this instruction will find themselves to blame because issues that cannot be managed will definitely come up.

Make sure that the combined weight of the kids using the Skywalker 12 foot Trampoline in about three years’ time does not exceed the weight limit. The trampoline should not be overloaded if the best results are to be achieved. All the Skywalker Trampolines exceed the ASTM safety standards. Talking about safety we can say that this trampoline is indeed safe for use.

Are Skywalker Trampolines Of Good Quality?

When we consider that every model that comes out of this brand are made to pass through stringent safety conditions, then one cannot doubt the quality of any of the models. While taking Skywalker Trampolines reviews, the ratings show that there is evident quality in the models.

Why Should You Select Skywalker Trampolines? 

If any brand will take the market by storm then it can never be done on paper and ink. What the customers want is real actions from the products. Taking a look at Skywalker Trampoline assembly models one cannot but agree with them that they are in truth different from all other brands put together. Over the years, they have succeeded in creating a name for their brand and when l take a look at the finesse that comes with all their models, l cannot but agree that they have something that will pull the crowd in their direction.

    1. Safety: This is my number one parameter in any Skywalker Trampolines for sale model that l will put my money. There is a safety enclosure net in all their models that will ensure that the kids are kept safe within the radius of gyration of the trampoline. There has never been a case of kids falling out of line while bouncing on any of their models.
    2. StabilityBefore l finally decided on my pick from the available models on offer when l wanted to get a Skywalker 15 foot rectangle Trampoline, l looked carefully at the stability of the model while the kids are jumping and doing backflips on the trampoline.  The inclusion of heavy-duty galvanized steel frames in all their models accounts in part for the stability of their models. No matter the height of the jump, the trampoline will remain steady. The frames are unbodied fitted magically into which will ensure that it will never get twisted with the impact of any weight. What the manufacturers demand is that you observe the Skywalker Trampoline weight limits on every model and you will be good to go with any of their models
    3. Multiple Designs:After a careful observation going through the Skywalker Trampolines reviews l discovered they have a variety of models on display which l did not find on the portals of other rival service providers. You will get that particular design that is meant for you. I look at the weight options as well and realized that no matter your weight category, there is something that will have you eminently covered. There is no height limitation as well. No matter the degree of bounce that you desired, there is something meant for you. No matter the model that you desired, they are there for your take.

If you are the type that loves adventure and want to take risks, you will get something that welcomes you on board and satisfies your yearnings.

With the points mentioned above, it is observed that coming to the Skywalker platform presents a lot of options to the buyer. That was the major reason why people are falling in love with this brand name. It is all about the technology and the creativity that you will get with this brand. So if you want to get the creative best in the world of a trampoline then the place to be is Skywalker. They are extensive in their approach.

What Are The Available Shapes And Sizes of Skywalker Trampolines?  

The coverage of Skywalker in terms of the shapes and sizes is huge. Taking a look at the models shows that there are loads of varieties that accommodate everyone. They are very particle about the size as an index for overall safety. The range of sizes starts from 36 inch square mini trampoline to 17×15 foot oval. In-between that weight limit, there are numerous sizes and you can take on the size that suits your weight.

The issue of weight is where Skywalker scores a very high mark. Safety is tied very closely to weight, where your weight is more than the capacity of your ​skywalker trampolines 15 round trampoline and enclosure there will be trouble. The expectation is that your weight should be far below the standard capacity of the trampoline; that way, you will eminently be covered from accidents.

Talking about shapes, you will meet with them in their various dimension. There are exciting shapes with beautiful designs that will definitely excite the customer. I took a survey of the shapes and was more than impressed with what l saw. Let us take a look at some of the inside details:

Rectangular shapes – This is a perfect shape that will give you complete control while bouncing on the ​skywalker rectangle trampoline with enclosure 15 feet. It costs more than other models and delivers the best safety. You will see them in three sizes:

  • Small: skywalker 12 trampolines by 7 foot
  • Medium: skywalker trampoline 14 by ​skywalker trampoline 8ft
  • Large: Skywalker Trampoline 15 by 9 foot

Round Trampolines- If you desire a Skywalker Trampolines for sale that is sturdy then you can very well go for this model under review. It provides a balanced bounce because every bounce will always attract you to the center. The frames are light while not compromising the quality of the bounce. There are four distinct models: 8 foot, 10 foot, 12 foot, and 14 foot.

Oval shapes- The design of the Skywalker oval Trampoline also comes with its own element of beauty. The shapes are elongated and if you want something that will give you a roomy space then you can go for this shape. It delivers long and great bounce. The shape of the trampoline is such that it points the jumper to the center thereby reducing the incidence of accidents at the edges. You will see them in two shapes: 16 by 14 foot, and 17 by 15 foot.

Square Trampoline– If it is enough space then give it to the Skywalker square Trampoline. This shape delivers about 20% more jumping space than other shapes earlier discussed. Expect to see them in any of the following sizes: 11-foot, 13-foot, 14 foot, and 15 foot.

Mini Trampolines- This last shape is for the Tots. The available options here include 36″ square, 38″ round, 40″ round and 48″ round. For the first two the weight capacity is 100 lbs (80 lbs). The good news is that it is considered safe for the kids.

The above represents an overview of the available shapes and sizes.

What Accessories Do Skywalker Trampolines Have?

Without accessories, a trampoline will not be able to deliver quality that is required. Skywalker Trampoline reviews shows that each model comes with the benefits of the following accessories:

•    Basketball hoops: If your kid has a flair for basketball, this is an opportunity to make him get extra skills while having fun bouncing using the benefits of Skywalker Trampoline basketball hoop. This will give the kids the opportunity to jump and dunk.

•    Elastics with Balls: They come in sets of six and deliver the benefits of switching the parts you want to exchange for new ones. There is room for what is called replacement sets which are sold by Skywalker.

•    Enclosures: You might be surprised at the inclusion of this because it is a must for all the models of Skywalker. This accessory is very important in safety considerations and that is the reason why the provision is made for those that want to extra ones to make assurances on safety doubly sure. When you have your doubts about the existing enclosure, you can easily bring in a fresh enclosure.

•   Volleyball Nets: Included in Skywalker Trampoline accessories is the volleyball net. If you fancy playing volleyball while you jump, you can easily achieve that with this accompanying accessory.

•   Upper toss games: Skywalker Trampoline attaches two terrific games to the trampoline enclosure. You can have real fun with this accessory which comprises of beanbags, a ball, a scorekeeper. You can spice up your bouncing experiences with any of the two games.

•    Lights: This will increase the excitement of the kids. It is sort of producing a party-like atmosphere on the trampoline. The kids will love the gentle beams of the light as they step on the trampoline mat. However with continuous use of this accessory you must be ready to spend more on batteries.

Skywalker Trampoline Is Perfect For Which Age Group?

Taking a look at the weight range (it determines safety), 36-inch square mini trampoline, all the way up to a 17×15 foot oval, it shows the Skywalker Trampoline has a provision for every person irrespective of the age. Only what you need is knowledge of your weight. Next make sure you go for the size that is by far higher than the weight limit of your child because that is the way you will get kid secured against all forms of issues that border on your safety. Skywalker is perfect for every age group that falls in line with the weight requirements.

How Should You Select A Skywalker Trampoline? 

There are several factors that you have to consider before making your choice. Chief among the considerations is the weight of the model which must match that off your kid. Another important factor is your space. It is necessary that you have space for any model that you want to order. Another factor is the purpose. The purpose of use either indoors/outdoors or both should determine your choice. Another important factor on which everything rests is your budget. What you are ordering for must fall within your budget range. The above factors will dictate your choice of any of the Skywalker Trampoline for sale online.

What Is The Weight Limit Of A Skywalker Trampoline? 

Everybody is covered when it comes to size because the great emphasis is laid on weight; it can prevent accidents on one hand and can be responsible that fatal accident on the other hand if proper measures are not taken. This is perhaps the reason why there is a serious emphasis on the weight limit that anyone can go with this Trampoline. There is something for everyone which starts from the Tot to the adult. The official weight limit on Skywalker Trampolines rectangle is between 36-inch square mini trampoline, all the way up to a 17×15 foot oval. There is something for everybody.

Are Skywalker Trampolines Bouncy? Which Are The Most Bouncy Ones? 

Bounce is a factor if you really desire something that will give the kids real cause for excitement while having fun on the trampoline. Every model that you get to see online will produce a moderate bounce because that is an important essence of the trampoline in the first place. During the course of my research into the perfect Skywalker 15′ Trampoline that will give my kid the best bounce (he specifically demanded that). My research findings go to show that the round shaped models deliver more in terms of quality bounce. Every model delivers good bounce; for the best, look in the direction of round shaped models.

How Long Will A Skywalker Trampoline Last? 

A lot of attention is paid to the lifespan of every model on the shelf. My research findings show that every model that finds its way onto the online shelf has been programmed to last. You can be assured that you will get full value on your investment on any of the models. The problem with many users from the point of my independent observations is that they fail to play by the rules. When this happens, the life span of the trampoline will be jeopardized. If we all follow the instructions which very clear in the manual, then each model that you purchased will last you really long.

Which Skywalker Trampoline Is Best For Toddlers? 

In answer to that question, let us ask a question: What is the weight of the Toddler? A direct answer is a basis for getting the perfect trampoline model for the Toddler. Weight is a key determinant to safety. If you want your kid to be safe, then get the trampoline that is ideal for the weight capacity. Make sure the weight of the Toddler is by far lower to the capacity of the trampoline. That will make assurances doubly sure on safety. As the Toddler grows you must make necessary adjustments. Your Toddler will definitely outgrow the mini-trampoline so take measures to counter that.

Where Are Skywalker Trampolines Manufactured? 

One excellent factor going for the trampoline is the fact that it was manufactured under conditions where the strict rules were enforced to the letter. With the benefit of that, you can be sure of the quality that mattered most. There is no clear-cut location for their manufacture; some claim China while there are indications that the place of manufacture in America.

Can You Easily Assemble A Skywalker Trampoline? 

One of the factors that have been responsible for the rise in popularity of this model under review is the connect it has with the customer. The design of all the models has the customer out there in mind. My observations go to show that with the right tools (which are enclosed in the box shipped to the customer) assembling and disabling any of the models is a simple DIY process. If you are patient enough to follow the clear instructions on the installation manual, it will be an easy ride for you. Assembling any of the models is pretty easy.

How Much Will A Skywalker Trampoline Cost? 

One of the high points of the Skywalker Trampolines assembly is the pocket-friendliness of the models under their watch. I carried out research on some couple of brands and comparing their prices with each other based on the quality that they bring to the table, l found out that with this model under review, you will get high quality that a cheap price. With as little as $16, you will be a proud owner of a Skywalker Trampolines Wind Stakes. It consists of 4 packs. It is that cheap to come by.

If actually, you want quality at a cheap price, this brand is noted for that. What you will spend something in the region of $500 on in some other models will go for less than $200 with Skywalker. Yet the quality of the products is never compromised. It is this fair deal in price that made many people fall in love with this brand. They are noted for the quality of their products at a price that is incredibly lower than their counterparts from other brands.

Taking it further, the price on Skywalker Trampoline replacement parts is by far cheaper than the majority of the high-class models. You are going to need these parts along the line so when you have a more reasonable offer definitely that will be your direction of choice. Many buyers are not aware of this after some detailed research and when l got to know about this l became hooked up to this model. For instance, the accessories that come with Skywalker’s Trampolines Safety Pad 9×15 ft Replacement Parts Accessories. 9’x15′ Rectangle Spring Blue Vinyl will cost only $104.84. This is one of the best bargains that you will get around today at this top quality. With less than $300, you will get a quality that delivers on safety and comfort.

How Should You Maintain A Skywalker Trampoline? 

From my own personal research, l discovered that most of the 1-star reviews that some of the models under the Skywalker Trampoline are not the fault of the manufacturers but was caused by the buyers themselves. If want any of the trampolines to last you, then you have a duty to stick to the manual that comes with each of the models. Stick to where the trampoline is to be used. Do not use an indoor model outdoors. If you abide by the guide, your model will last you really long. Read the manual very well, you have all you need to keep your model intact therein.

From Where Can You Buy A Skywalker Trampoline? 

In every business in life, credibility matters. When you come online for the purchase of the best Skywalker Trampoline rectangle you will discover several choices that will be courting your attention. They each have their credibility and you are expected to look into what they have achieved before you make your choice among the options.

The best among the options are known to stock only quality brands and they have experience in the notch that cut across several years. That is where to be if you really want something that will deliver to you the best Skywalker Trampoline in the market. You can definitely go ahead and purchase from the Amazon links on this page.

Comparison Between Skywalker And Other Brands

Skywalker Vs Alley Oop

Alley Oops belonged to the family of JumpSport. There are marked differences between it and the Skywalker Trampolines. The netting of Alley Oops is directly mounted to the vertical supports and the frame of the trampoline itself. Another marked difference is the location of the springs. For Skywalker, it is located inside while Alley Oops has its own located outside.

Do you know the implication of what we have just highlighted? It goes to show that if your child misses his steps while bouncing and somersaulting, the risk is more with Alley Oops.  In terms of safety, give it to Skywalker.

Another point of interest is the variety of models. With Alley Oops, you will be limited if we compare the scenario when it comes to Skywalker. However, if it is a question of durability then you can give it to Alley Oops. The materials are more reliable than what you will get from Skywalker Trampolines.

Considering the pros as well as the cons of the two and putting them on the balance; the weight tilts in favor of Skywalker. I will not sacrifice safety for durability; safety should be number one ahead of all other considerations.

Skywalker Vs JumpSport

Taking a look at the JumpSport model, the frame which is where issues can easily develop has a 15-year warranty on it but it does not extend to other accessories which you have to change from time to time. However you have to give it to this model because it uses the system of cords which is better than the spring system. The model is small, this gives room to the easy snapping of the cords after some few months of use.

Another thing you should note if you want to place an order for the JumpSport is the fact that not every model comes with an enclosure net for the safety of the kids. This particular one under review does not come with a safety net, you have to get one if you placed an order for this model.

Going through customer reviews, there are loud complaints about the safety of this model. Though to some extent, it might be due to negligence on the part of the customer; but we cannot rule of poor constructions on the part of the manufacturers. If l am asked my personal opinion based on what l have observed from the two models; l will go for Skywalker Trampoline.

Skywalker Vs Propel

There is a balance of if we are to compare the two models. However, it was noted that every Propel model do not come with the benefits of an enclosure net. When we consider the weight of the trampoline which is a delicate feature because it has to do with safety, the Propel model says in their features that weights between the range 250-300 lbs are well covered. But what do we say of a kid who weighs 70 lbs but got the trampoline broken when he is bouncing on it? It only goes to show that there is some missing link along the line in the design process.

Other security concerns are however not the fault of the manufacturers. Many of the users failed to comply with terms of use and they want results; that is where the problem lied.

For instance, a customer that left his Propel Trampoline at the mercies of the weather outside for one year without making use of it and without a trampoline cover should not expect to meet it in a perfect condition.

The Propel and Skywalker Trampoline have their nets inside springs and they both deteriorate with time. These two models are the same as the same.

Skywalker Vs Sportspower

There should be no contention between these two models. Going through the reviews of the customers on Sportspower, it is obvious that it is a no contender to any of the Skywalker Trampolines for sale models that are online. There obvious safety lapses with Sportspower. The springs are an issue. They easily give way after some brief period of use. Talk about the mat; there are obvious issues on that as well. There are obvious issues on the lifespan of this model.

If you place an order for one and you are lucky to escape with the issues of injury to the kids, then you can be assured that there will be obvious issues bothering on its lifespan. It will not last you more than a year. If you have that kind of budget, then you can go for this model; if not, you are advised against taking the plunge.

There are issues with the solidity of Sportspower. It is easily carried away by the wind and gets damaged. Yet, the manufacturers claimed the device is meant for outdoor use. What you are reading are the stats as it is. With Skywalker Trampolines ladder; you will get a breather. I will go with it anytime any day.

Skywalker Vs Pure Fun 

If it comes to choosing the best among the Skywalker and Pure Fun, you have to look at the features that come with it in order to make an informed decision. The Pure Fun model does not come with an enclosure net. Yet, they are aware of the need for this to ensure safety at its best, you will be expected to pay extra to get the enclosure net. Taking it on, careful observation of the features, as well as the customer reviews, point in the direction that this model is not as sturdy as the Skywalker Trampoline. So, if you want something that will last you longer, you know where your interest should lie.

The trampoline spring cover is an issue with Pure Fun. Complaints have been heard from customers who are not satisfied with the performances of the springs; you will not get that from Skywalker Trampoline cover. In terms of safety therefore, give it to Skywalker.

Another index for comparison is the unit price of the model. It is realized that the Pure Fun will cost you more than the Skywalker. When you put all the factors together, my take will be on Skywalker Trampoline over Pure Fun.

Skywalker Vs Springfree Springless Trampolines 

If l am to take a decision between these models, then l will not hesitate before l make my choice between the two. My major consideration will be on safety. As a parent, am more concerned about the safety of the kids over every other consideration. When you look at the havoc caused by accidents on a trampoline, there is a sense in making safety a point of priority.

Let us look at the background of the founder of Springfree. He is a well-known safety freak. The same can be said of his wife. More was invested in the safety of his model. Taking a look at the rave reviews of the customers on his concept, the customers are glad about the safety of this model. The designer was able to translate his views into reality into raw reality.

On the other hand, when we compare the safety index of Skywalker Trampolines; it is obvious that the former has an edge over this model. I tried to look into what the customers are saying and it did not help the cause of Skywalker over Springfree-talking strictly safety.

I will stick my neck out with Springfree over Skywalker because it is more secure.

Skywalker Vs Bouncepro

If the sole consideration is the price; then give it to Bouncepro because it is cheaper. However, it uses a heavy-duty zipper to close the enclosure.  There is an obvious disadvantage here. The Skywalker has more springs to improve the bounce level as well as a unique no-gap enclosure. When you place these together, the stats should point to the direction where you will get the best bargain.

When we consider the strength of the two, it is seen from the features that Skywalker is by far the sturdier of the two. You know what that means; you will not worry too often about the budget for replacement parts; in worse scenarios, there might need to get another trampoline entirely, with Skywalker, you will not have to worry about spending on the areas mentioned above.

Bouncepro is more of an adult trampoline; it is not for the children. This is yet another advantage of the Skywalker Trampoline over Bouncepro model. When we look at the price differential between the two; it is very little.

So placing all the factors together, l will go with the Skywalker with all the obvious advantages that come with. The features are there to be observed.

Our Final Recommendation 

Taking an objective look at the six models that we have reviewed through this article the question will now be asked: “which is best for me?’ Based on the ratings and the price (something that will be affordable to all); we shall give it to Skywalker Trampolines 10 Ft. Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring.

Few Last Words

You will definitely be able to get hold of an appropriate option for yourself because these trampoline models are available in various shapes as well as sizes. Skywalker trampolines rectangular are can also be availed in budget friendly prices. Thus families who come with less budgets can own a Skywalker trampoline now.

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