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The Best In-Ground Trampolines That You Should See: Latest 2023 Reviews

Trampolining is a fun experience. We often go in for a trampoline to be entertained, fit and have lot of fun. There are various types of trampolines that can be purchased in the market today. One of the many is an in ground trampoline which is a special type of trampoline that is fixed into the ground. Only the frame and the jumping mat can be seen above the surface.

You do not need to climb such trampolines but instead just walk onto them. Most people are not even aware that these kinds of trampolines exist in the world, so their popularity is obviously less compared to traditional trampolines. They come in different shapes and sizes so you can pick one keeping in mind the shape of your backyard. These trampolines are specially designed in such a way that there is no airflow, corrosion or water collection that takes place after setting up of the trampoline.

in ground trampoline

Best In-Ground Trampolines Reviews

This trampoline is made of polypropylene. It is an imported in ground rectangle trampoline. It has a very strong frame that exceeds all safety standards. This galvanised steel frame measures 16 Gauge x 1.75". It comes with a safety net enclosure for added safety. This trampoline can be used by gymnasts, athletes, cheerleaders and normal jumping enthusiasts. This 10ft. x 7.5ft. rectangular shaped trampoline is perfect for all home owners. The entire trampoline is highly durable and will last you very long.

This trampoline comes in two sizes. It uses safety poles made of steel. They are also covered with safety pads for great safety. The mat bounce of the trampoline is above average. The springs will not rust and are also effective in giving a good bounce. There is a 5 year warranty on frames and a 180 day warranty on all other parts. It takes about 90 minutes to assemble this trampoline. This trampoline also comes with a zipper for getting in and off the trampoline. The weight limit of this trampoline is 220 pounds. This is a trampoline with T joints and no welding. It has a sleek orange stripe look to it, making this trampoline look really cool.


  • Good looking design so aesthetically appealing.
  • Great price range.
  • Good design and quality of mat.
  • It will last very long as it is durable.
  • Good warranty on frame and other parts.
  • Good weight limit.


  • It is a bit small in size.
  • This trampoline takes time to set up.
  • This trampoline does not have a very great bounce.
JumpPower 10ft. x 7.5ft. In-ground Rectangular Trampoline...
2 Reviews
JumpPower 10ft. x 7.5ft. In-ground Rectangular Trampoline...
  • Frame Strength: Solid 16 Gauge x 1.75"...
  • 58 - 6.5" Galvanized Springs: Patented Top...

These trampolines are engineered to last a long time. They have stainless steel rings and jump mat D-rings. They are made in the United States of America. They are made of great quality substances and are of good quality. The installation of this trampoline is a bit easier. There is not much digging involved in this trampoline. This trampoline has a super heavy duty frame that is built from 14 gauge steel tubing and is assisted by 18 gauge steel wall panels. The steel is galvanised and is ideal for long term use. There are hundred and twenty five pre galvanised tapered steel springs. The bounce offered by this is of decent quality.

This trampoline allows airflow twenty times more than a regular trampoline. The safety pads are attached to the trampoline using a one of a kind bungee system that decreases stress on the seams and makes sure that the pads are properly placed. These trampolines are available in blue, green and grey colors. These are great trampolines and can be used by people of different age groups.


  • These trampolines have one of the best air flowing spaces below the trampolines.
  • The bounce on these trampolines is more than the usual in ground trampolines.
  • It has a very good design.
  • This trampoline comes in different colors that look very appealing.
  • It is a durable trampoline that will last for very long.
  • The set up time for this trampoline is less than the usual in ground trampolines.


  • Small in size.
  • Does not have a very good weight limit.
In-Ground Trampolines Stainless Steel Upgrade (Green, 15')
3 Reviews
In-Ground Trampolines Stainless Steel Upgrade (Green, 15')
  • Pre-engineered 15' In-Ground Trampoline...

The unique feature about this trampoline is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. This beautiful looking trampoline is used to design your entire backyard. This trampoline has 95 galvanised 8.5 inches springs that give a very good bounce. The weight capacity of the trampoline is 352 pounds. The size of the trampoline is 14 feet. It is only available in this size. The trampoline comes in a grey colour only.

This is a round floor trampoline that is made with high quality of materials. It is very durable and will last you a very long time. There is no safety enclosure with this trampoline. This is a pretty big sized trampoline as compared to the other trampolines in its range. All the frames and springs are made of galvanised steel, so you are sure it will last you a very long time. The installation process of this trampoline is very easy. The cost of this trampoline and the setup is very reasonable. It can be used by adults and children due to a good weight capacity.


  • Great warranty on the product.
  • This trampoline is highly durable and will last a long time.
  • It has a very high weight capacity and so it can easily be used by adults as well.
  • Due to several springs attached on the trampoline, this trampoline will give you a very good bounce.
  • The trampoline is very big in size.


  • This trampoline comes only in one size.
  • The trampoline comes only in one colour.
Avyna Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline-14-foot Diameter...
  • STAYING-AT-HOME? Great escape from cabin...
  • Avyna's unique in-ground design provides...

This trampoline is 11 feet in size. It does not come with any steps; all you need is to install it properly to have some fun. It looks very good when placed in gardens. It adds to the fun element in the house. This is a square shaped trampoline. The trampoline comes with a very aesthetic appeal. It comes with a dark green cover which protects the trampoline from harsh weather. The safety pads are of PVC that have weather protection.

The jumping mat has been UV treated. The steel frame is strong and sturdy and is galvanised so it will last you very long. The retaining wall of the trampoline prevents soil and dirt from going under the trampoline. The colour of this trampoline is dark green. The recommended age for usage of this trampoline is 6 years and older. This trampoline comes with a  logo in the centre, so if you concentrate on this logo, you will make sure you are jumping in the middle of the trampoline.

This is one such trampoline which is only available in UK.


  • This is a very good looking trampoline.
  • It is highly durable and will last you a very long time.
  • It can easily be assembled in gardens.
  • The bounce on the trampoline is pretty good.
  • The trampoline can be used by children and adults.


  • The trampoline comes in only one size.
  • The set up time is a bit long.

Is In-Ground Trampoline Safer Than Regular Trampolines?

In ground trampolines are trampolines that are sunken into the ground. It is very safe from the aspect that no one has to climb the trampoline, so there are no injuries that will take place while climbing. Children can get onto the trampoline very easily without any difficulty. Additionally you will not have to use the enclosure net as it will not be required since the trampoline is mounted on the ground itself. The accidents of someone falling off the trampoline and injuring himself maybe a bit less although not completely certain.  Another benefit is that in ground trampoline will not topple over. The regular trampolines when misused by over enthusiastic kids have the tendency of toppling over. Since these trampolines are fixed in the ground they will not. Overall these trampoline are almost the same as regular trampolines when it comes to safety with just a little bit of extra safety we would say.

Comparison Between In Ground And Above Ground Trampolines

Above ground and in ground trampolines are both good options for people who seek to set up a trampoline at home. Above ground trampolines are placed on the ground whereby they rest on their legs. In ground trampolines on the other hand are sunken into the ground. In ground trampolines require more maintenance than above ground trampolines. Above ground trampolines provide a better and higher bounce rather than a trampoline on ground. The bounce of in ground trampolines is a bit less as it depends on the air flow. Limited airflow decreases the bounce.

When it comes to appearance and aesthetics in ground trampolines are easier to set up in your backyard and you can make them blend in with your landscape. Installation of both the trampolines is a difficult task. It takes a lot of time and effort to get it done. However in ground trampolines are a little more difficult as there is a lot of digging required to get a big hole done. The in ground trampoline cost of setting up an in-ground trampoline and getting the landscaping done is a greater expense than the above ground trampolines. The cost of labor today is very high, it will be an expensive factor for you to get labor for the digging, setting up and landscaping.

What Are The Common Misperceptions?

The misperceptions of in ground trampolines revolve around its safety. It is popularly perceived that a trampoline on the ground is safer than regular above ground trampolines. This may entirely not be true though. They say that if you have a fall from in ground trampolines you will not injure yourself as much as if you had fallen from an above ground trampoline. However, this is false. When you jump even on an in groan trampoline you rise up pretty high in the air, and you can injure yourself if you hit the ground from there.

Due to the spaces between where the trampoline ends and the retaining wall begins, peoples limbs can get trapped thus making this trampoline dangerous. Another popular misperception is that the in ground trampolines are more bouncy than the regular trampoline. This too is false as the bounce for in ground trampolines completely depends on the airflow, which is sometimes good and sometimes not. So the bounce of in ground trampolines is not as good as above ground trampolines.

It is also believed that setting up of in ground trampolines is very easy. It is just a matter of digging a hole and putting it there. However, it is not so. You need to consider a proper drainage system, soil erosion and many other factors.

Benefits Of In-Bound Trampolines

A trampoline in the ground has a few benefits.The first being that the safety factor of in ground trampolines is better than that of regular trampolines. The jumping height of these trampolines is reduced so even if you have a fall from these trampolines the injuries you may sustain will be less. Aesthetically in ground trampolines are very appealing. They are sunken into the ground and the area around it is landscaped, whereas if you have a regular trampoline it is just placed standing in your garden and may not match with the landscaping of the garden as a whole.

In ground trampolines can be used by anyone. It can be used by people doing exercises, cheerleaders, gymnasts and so on. It is easier for small children to get on and off the trampoline. This trampoline is placed on the floor so there are no steps needed to climb the trampoline.

Does In-Bound Trampolines Include Any Disadvantage?

There are a few issues that in ground trampoline users face. The bounce of the in ground trampolines is not all that great. This is because the bounce depends on the airflow below the trampoline. If the airflow is improper you will not get a great bounce. The in ground trampoline installation process of these trampolines is very tedious. You need to dig a deep hole to place this trampoline and this can be a daunting task. In ground trampolines need a proper drainage system to prevent the trampoline from getting waterlogged. Since the trampoline is placed at ground level, very often pets and other animals get on to it who may spoil the trampoline.

How Much Will An In-Ground Trampoline Cost?

The cost of in ground trampolines is tough to judge. It depends on various other conditions other than just the cost of the trampoline. Galvanized steel frames are durable and long lasting as they are rust proof. Since your trampoline will be placed under ground it is good to consider this as a one-time cost.

Another cost to consider is the digging of the hole for your trampoline. You need to decide if you are going to do this on your own or get it done with laborers. This hole is dug very deep so your personal effort may not always be the best choice. You may need a professional to sort out the drainage system in your yard around the trampoline. If you do not do this your trampoline may get submerged in water during the rains. There is also landscaping of the area where you may need the help of a gardener.

The cost of trampolines by itself will be in the range of $586.94 to $2,025.00. The cost for installation will depend on the cost of labor around where you reside. Considering all these factors you can get the exact expense of your trampoline.

How Should You Install An In-Ground Trampoline?

Setting up of a trampoline in ground is a very cumbersome task. It takes a lot of time and effort to get it done. You need to start by first digging a hole in the ground. Make sure that the trampoline is not placed too close to a wall or hedges. Mark a hole which is a few inches broader than your trampoline’s diameter. This helps to give extra space around the trampoline. 12 and 14 feet trampolines need a hole to be 3 feet deep and 8 to 10 feet trampolines need a hole of 2.6 feet.

Next you need to assemble the frame. You’ll need to fix the top and bottom sections of the trampoline frame, further attach the springs and mat to the trampoline. After doing so, place the retaining wall on the outside of the frame. The retaining wall has to be strong and very well built. One of stone blocks or concrete will be ideal.

You need to then lift the trampoline and place it in the hole that is dug up. Make sure that the frame is at the right height. Make sure the air flow is proper and the trampoline’s ventilation is right. If this is not done properly you are not going to get a proper bounce off the trampoline. After doing this fill the gap on the outside of the trampoline with soil.  You need to then attach the vented pads to the frame of the trampoline. Also make sure to leave an elbow room all around the trampoline, this space will help during maintenance of the trampoline or if any items fall into the sides of the trampoline. This space can be used to retrieve them.

You will then need to figure out how to work out a drainage system to drain the water that accumulates in the rains. This drainage needs to be effective else the trampoline will get submerged under water. A good way to do this is to assemble perforated drain pipes which will provide a proper drainage system. These pipes need to be laid down underground which would mean there might be additional digging. But over the period you will realize that these pipes will be very helpful.

A good piece of advice is to put a net around the trampoline, even though you may feel there is no need for this since the trampoline is in the ground. We have observed several injuries on these trampolines as well because the jump of these trampolines is pretty high. If you fall from that height you are bound to injure yourself.

Lastly, try and landscape your area around the trampoline so that your trampoline blends well in your garden. You may think of making a patio instead of lawn. Once you follow all these steps of how to install in ground trampoline you can go ahead and enjoy its use.

What Are The Things That Must Be Considered Before Buying In-Ground Trampoline?

You need to surely consider a few things before going in for an in-ground trampoline. You’ll need to first see how much space you have. Some trampolines are small and some are big. Try and fins an area in your yard which does not have tress, branches or any sort of debris. A flat space will be very ideal.

Choose a trampoline of user weight depending on who is jumping on it. Also look out for a good drainage system to drain off the water. You do not want the trampoline getting water logged.

Few Last Words

In ground trampolines are considered safe as they are not set up at a great heights, it is easier to hop on and hop off these trampolines. There are few advantages and disadvantages of these trampolines. If you are a person who likes aesthetic beauty, then go in for these trampolines. These trampolines blend well in the garden you can get the area around it landscaped and it will beautify the whole place.

Remember that setting up of these trampolines is not easy. If you are up for the challenge and have lots of time at hand you can go for these trampolines. There is a lot of digging to be done. Additionally you need to plan a proper drainage system so that water does not accumulate.

The look and feel of in ground trampolines is great; the only factor that you need to keep in mind is a high cost for set up.

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