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Propel Trampolines With Enclosures 12ft 15ft Reviews 2023: Is It Good For You?

When you come online to place an order for the best trampoline, the first thing on your mind will be safety. All the trampolines online come with their instructions that the manufacturers claimed will guarantee safety if the instructions are correctly followed. From personal experiences, one can confidently say that not all the trampolines are good in terms of their promises on safety. However, the Propel Trampoline model has something in its design that you can trust. Which of the models can you particularly trust? We shall take a look at what they have for you the buyer with an objective mindset. At the end of it all, you should be able to choose the very best among the available models.

is propel good for you

Best ​Propel Trampolines Comparison Table ​

Best Propel’s Trampoline Reviews

#1. Propel Trampoline 15′

The Propel Trampoline 15′ is a model that you can trust to deliver the gains if we are to go purely on account of the image that Propel Trampoline has managed to create over the years. Little is known about this model. It seems it was rushed to the market to test the waters and later returned back to the drawing boards. The non-availability of this model presently in the market is not helping matters either.

The only thing going for this Propel 15′ Trampoline is the brand name that it carries. The notion is, if it is from Propel, then it is good.

propel trampoline parts

So, if you can take the risk on account of the brand name of this product, then you can place your order for one and expect nothing short of quality performance. Glad to say that as at today, if we are to believe the only review on this product; it is carrying a 5-star review. On the strength of that one customer review, because there is nothing more to rate this product, one can say that you will get desired results while you use this model. This is a sturdy model that will really last any adult or children.


  • It is built to last; a very strong model that will give you value on your investment.
  • It has great user-interface.
  • Cleaning it up is incredibly easy.
  • Very easy to assemble. The exercise will be done within minutes.
  • It can take a weight as large as 300 pounds without issues.


  • There is very scanty information about this model.
  • After assembling the model, it becomes too heavy; cannot be easily moved unless with the efforts of at least 4 people.
  • You have to wear thick leather gloves while using the springs to prevent injuries because of the stiffness of the springs.
15' Enclosed Trampoline with Anchor Kit
1 Reviews

#2. Propel Trampoline 14’

You definitely deserved nothing but the best when you want to place your order for the best Propel Trampoline. After taking an objective Propel Trampoline reviews online, it was discovered purely on merit that Propel trampoline 14’ has some elements that give cause for joy. If the customers’ reviews are the reality and if my personal experiences with this model are true for all, then you will experience a smooth bounce on this 72-spring model.

Taking a look at the safety enclosure, it is programmed to produce an absorbent reaction while you are bouncing away on this model.

Some of the models have issues with the springs that come with them. But with this model under review, all the 72 galvanized springs come with safety pads that ensure the safety of the users. The center of gravity of this model is solidly stable. No matter the degree and intensity of bounce, your safety is guaranteed. The smooth ​rebounder trampoline technology of this model is the reason why l rate it above the rest available in the market for now. This is no hype but a reflection of the reality based on practical experiences with this Propel Trampoline. This model will definitely make a good buy.

propel trampoline reviews


  • It has 72 smooth working springs that produce a high bounce.
  • The safety enclosure attached to the six padded poles ensures safety.
  • Safety pad protects users from the spring.
  • It has an excellent user-interface. It takes little efforts to get the parts assembled when it arrives at your home.


  • The packaging should be improved upon; boxes arriving torn with missing parts is an issue.
  • The springs can easily hurt the leg of the kid while having fun on it.
  • Safety on it while the kids are playing is never guaranteed.
Propel Trampolines P14D-BE Trampoline with Enclosure, 14'...
25 Reviews
Propel Trampolines P14D-BE Trampoline with Enclosure, 14'...
  • Propel's 14' trampoline has 72 springs; This...
  • The safety enclosure attaches to each of the...

#3. Propel Trampoline 12’

When you are online in search of the best among the models on offer from Propel Trampoline, there might be some difficulty at getting the right model that will truly give you what you actually needed that will guarantee the safety and last you long. Research is not easy; many do not have the time for that today; going by what we can see of Propel trampoline 12’, we can confidently tell you some info that will help you to make an informed decision.

This model has a strong impact-absorbent enclosure that will guarantee peace of mind while the kids are bouncing and somersaulting on this model.

There is a sure-lock safety device that will ensure that the doors will not rip open while the kids are bouncing on this model. According to the promise from the manufacturers, the stability of this model is guaranteed no matter the height of the bounce on it; the spring puller will assist in the assembly of the spring.

propel trampolines

A thorough review of this Propel trampolines 12 trampolines with enclosure shows that it contains what it should have to make a good buy if the instructions as to the use are followed to the letter.


  • It has an impact absorbent enclosure system.
  • There is a sure-luck safety pad that comes with the system.
  • The assembling of the component parts is made easy through the spring puller that helps with stretching of the springs into position.
  • T-Bracket technology prevents the frame from twisting when the trampoline is in motion.


  • The small size of this model is an issue.
  • Getting back replacement of faulty parts can be frustrating.
  • There is a big question mark on the durability of this model. Expect to have issues with the mat after about three months of continuous consistent use.
Kinetic Trampolines K12-6BE Trampoline with Enclosure, Blue,...
98 Reviews
Kinetic Trampolines K12-6BE Trampoline with Enclosure, Blue,...
  • Impact-absorbent enclosure system
  • Sure-Lock safety pad

#4. Propel 55 Junior Trampoline

When I want to make my last purchase of a Propel 12 foot Trampoline for the kids, two important factors were top on my priority. The bounce level of the model and the safety of it is great for the kids. My broad-based extensive research made me look in the direction of other available options. I left no stone unturned; one of my models of focus is Propel 55 junior trampoline. From what l see of the reviews and what the features promised, investing in this Propel Trampoline model is never a waste of your hard-earned resources.

This is a safe trampoline that will deliver unlimited fun to the kids. The springs have been a security issue in some of the models that l reviewed. With this model under review, the provision of bungees in place of springs will ensure that the kids are safe and at the same produce a greater bounce than the spring system.

propel trampoline 12

I also found out that this Propel Trampoline replacement parts are easily available in the market. It is a dual-purpose trampoline made for both outdoor and indoor use. If the features and some of the five stars reviews are anything to go by, this model is worth investing in.


  • The base net will prevent toys and kids from getting under the trampoline.
  • There are no issues of injuries caused by springs because this model has a bungee system.
  • A soft durable enclosure will prevent the kids from falling off the trampoline.
  • Can be used at any time indoors/outdoors.


  • This trampoline cannot withstand continuous and rigorous bounce; the durability is suspect.
  • The frame from what l saw of it is not solid enough to take the impact of kids who loved to go to the limits while bouncing on the trampoline.
  • The packaging should be improved to prevent damage to component parts.
Propel Trampolines PTS55-RE Junior Trampoline with...
49 Reviews
Propel Trampolines PTS55-RE Junior Trampoline with...
  • A safe and fun trampoline for your little...
  • Includes a soft yet durable safety enclosure...

#5. Propel Rebounder Fitness Trampoline

The incidence of obesity is getting worrisome in our world of today. People are trying various keep fit regimes to burn of excess fat. If l may ask this question: is Propel good for you? is propel water good for losing weight ? Many people do not know that they can have fun on their trampoline as well as excess fat on the body. My research findings show that Propel rebounder fitness is an ideal tool to keep away the accumulated fat on the body. This particular model gets this rating on the backdrop of the quality that comes with its features.

Though the problem with this model is that it is scarce in the market; rave reviews give it an edge over its competitors. You will get a low impact workout on this model. When some people go on workouts, they come out of it rather stressed; the issues are more complicated than resolved. This obvious lapse has been addressed in this new model. Working out on this model will be easy on the joints. This is not a hype, rather it is a disclosure of the facts as it is. An investment in this model if you can lay your hands on one will give you value on your investment.

propel 15' trampoline


  • This trampoline is scientifically programmed to produce results; it is a fantastic rebounder.
  • Walking out on it will not produce issues that come with some other competing brands.
  • This model will not pose issues when you want to assemble it. It comes with a great user interface.


  • Nobody knows when this model will appear again in the market because it is not currently available and there is no info on it.
  • It will not last long. Expect it to disintegrate within 9 months of active use.
  • There are evident issues with the quality of the component parts.
Propel Trampolines Rebounder Fitness Trampoline, Red,...
14 Reviews
Propel Trampolines Rebounder Fitness Trampoline, Red,...
  • 32 Metal Springs to provide a low impact...

#6. Propel 7’ Trampoline With Enclosure

When you come online to purchase the trampoline that will give you best results, there are several options online and with each of the models claiming that they are the best on offer of paper; getting to know the serious contenders among them will be a big issue. If you want a decent model among Propel Trampolines; then the Propel 7’ trampoline is strongly recommended based on the outcome of the research carried out on this model. The safety precautions put into this model is top notch.

The manufacturers according to the features that come with this model has produced something that calls for cheer when the kids get bouncing on it. Taking a look at the customer reviews on this product and placing them on the balance (from the one star-five-star review); the scale tilts in favor of this model.

The Propel Trampoline parts of this model is reliable. You are assured quality performance from them when you lay your hands on one. I had a personal experience with this model when l bought it for my 10-year-old; overall, the rating is good. The frame is sold and will not twist while the kids are bouncing on the trampoline.

propel trampolines 12' trampoline with enclosure


  • An advanced T-bracket system prevents the frame of this model from twisting while the kids are bouncing on it.
  • It has 40 springs whose perfect combinations deliver the smoothest bounce.
  • The enclosure system delivers excellent safety measures for the kid.
  • It is built to last for a long time.


  • The springs are not sturdy enough; though they are 40 in number, with continuous use over about 9 months, the springs will begin to give way one after the other and the equilibrium will be disturbed.
  • Expect a possible appearance of a hole under this trampoline that might lead to the death of this model.
Propel Trampolines Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline with Enclosure,...
80 Reviews
Propel Trampolines Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline with Enclosure,...
  • Includes-Free Jump-N-Jam basketball hoop...
  • The thick Yellow and Black safety pad is kept...

Are Propel’s Trampolines A Good Buy? 

There is no doubt about it, Propel Trampoline is a brand that you can trust in the market. They have done a lot to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. A look at their brands on offer shows that they are business-like in approach and have left no stone unturned in their resolve to bring quality to the buyers.

Give it to this brand, and there is a place for them among the best around that you can trust for now. In terms of the safety index, observations go to show that they can be trusted. The highest selling point of this brand is its ability to provide quality at a reduced price when compared to their rival brands. While the SpringFree or Upper Bounce models cost thousands of dollars from competing brands, you will get the same quality with less than $500 from Propel Trampolines.

Are Propel’s Trampolines Safe? 

When I personally went through the majority of the models on offer for sale, no model does not say something positive about their safety improvements. It is one thing to say that on paper; actualizing it in the real sense of it is another thing entirely. Having gone through some Propel trampoline reviews, it was discovered from the tune of the customers that this brand offers quality safety for their customer. It is on the strength of these testimonies from satisfied customers that one can say categorically that this brand is safe for the customers.

Do Propel’s Trampolines Come With A Warranty?

Propel warrants it’s Propel Trampolines to be free from defects in terms of materials they used in their constructions as well as the artistry that goes into the production process. However, they added a condition to the promise, and their products must be used under regular use as well as service conditions. Having gone through this statement and after a careful analysis of what is on the ground, it was discovered that the manufacturers of this brand expect you to read their instructional guide and follow it to the last letter before you can enjoy any of the models.

I observed that this demand is fair enough to the best mini trampoline buyers. If you desire the best results; then you are strongly advised to look at the manual and follow every detail to the last letter if you want to enjoy the promised warranty without issues. Every guarantee is on the original retail purchaser from the original date of purchase. However, all the returns must be pre-authorized. The warranty will only cover damages incurred under normal conditions of use. The warranty does not include any other category of damage outside that. The Propel Trampoline damage policy is clear enough.

You Must Be Aware Of The Weight Limit Of Propel’s Trampolines?

My observations among the users of the trampoline, in general, show that the majority of them neglect the instructions as to the weight limit of the model that they bought. Going through some of the propel trampoline reviews; it was discovered that some of the customers were guilty of this. If you want to enjoy the durability index that comes with any of the models of this trampoline; then the weight limit of 160 lbs. which amount to 72 kg should not be exceeded. They are strong enough to carry the impact of all crazy moves and man overs on this brand

Why You Need An Idea About Propel’s Trampoline Different Parts

There will continue visible wear and tear when the trampoline is put to use. When a part becomes faulty, then there is the need to look for its replacement if you are to continue enjoying the benefits of this model. An idea about the Propel Trampoline replacement parts is necessary to have yourself adequately covered. With every model that yours truly buys; l immediately proceeds online for research to gather essential info on the replacement parts if the need should arise along the line. When l understand the theory behind any of the elements and where to get such, it will not take me time to get issues fixed when the inevitable happens on any of the models that l purchased.

The results that pop up on my browser will detail all the replacement parts that l need to know about the Propel Trampoline parts. There are some hidden parts that you never imagined existed in the first place when you go online, and you will get to know these parts and begin to familiarize yourself with them. This has been of useful help to me because when an issue arises, in more than 90% of the cases, I know where to seek advice.

Another reason why it is good to have an idea of the different parts of the Propel Trampolines lies in the fact that it will be of help in planning your budget ahead of time. I know the parts that are easily susceptible to wear and tear and the unit price that it will cost me. So immediately the inevitable happens, I am already on my guard and prepared to meet the financial challenges. It ensures that there will never be any break that is not necessary for the kids in their attempt to enjoy the trampoline.

How To Setup A Propel Trampoline? 

The good thing about this product is in their user-friendliness. What it will take you is to follow the instructions in the manufacturer’s guide, and you are good to go. All that you will need are all provided in the manual. Follow it, and you will get a perfect set-up.

Where Can I Buy A Propel Trampoline For Sale? 

Reputation matters in every business. Take a look at the concept of every online retail outlet before you place an order. What is their reputation like? What do you see in their profile when you take a look at their years? When you see the quality that matters, you will identify with such.

Comparison Between Propel And Other Brands

Propel vs. BouncePro

Propel is a company on the rise, and their products are getting increasingly popular with the customer. Let us start with the similarities. One of the best reasons why customers prefer Propel trampoline is the fact that there is quality at a low price from Propel. You will get quality from a propel trampoline at a price that is under $500. It is the same as BouncePro. Their unit prices are almost at par.

When it comes to the issue of bounce; there is a marked difference between the two. With the BouncePro, it has fewer springs, and you are not likely to enjoy the high bounce that kids love on it. With any of the propel brands such as Propel trampoline 15′, you will get a quality bounce because it contains more springs.

Safety is another factor that separates these two models under review. Propel has done more in this regard to guarantee the safety of the users. The inclusion of propelling safety net enclosures gives this brand an edge over BouncePro. In the light of what we see in their features, it is strongly advised that you go for any of the models under Propel.

Propel vs. Skywalker

The price on the unit of each of the brands separates the two from each other. Take a look at the stats; you will get something in the range of $60-$500 if you go for a Propel model. On the other hand, if your choice is Skywalker, then you should prepare a budget of $240 to $700. In terms of price; Propel is the winner.

Now for the Skywalker rectangular trampoline, it has the upper hand in terms of the quality that comes with their products over the propel models.

Taking it further, let us look at the strength of the two. If you desire something that will last you more, then you can pitch your tent with Skywalker trampoline over Propel Trampoline.

Looking at the variety of shapes and sizes as a factor separating the two, it is very clear from research findings that Skywalker trampoline is the better of the two. No promotional hype is intended here, and we are saying it as it is according to what the manufacturers present to their customers.

So if you want to choose between the two; then your budget should be the sole determining factor when we put all the elements together.

Propel vs. Sportspower 

Taking a look at the similarities between the two concepts, both are pocket-friendly models. If you desire a cheap trampoline that delivers the quality that matters, then any of the two models will correctly fill the billing. The common goal of the two business partners that floated Sportspower in 1992 is to give a model to the world that is cheap and still maintains standards. The rising popularity of Propel Trampolines is basically because the models present quality at a reduced price.

However, if you are the type that has an eye for fashion; if you want a trendy and catchy design that will wow the children, then where to pitch your tent between the two is with Sportspower. There are more options here compared to what you will get from Propel Trampoline.

For both models, you will get the desired safety requirements. They are both built with the welfare of the customer in mind. So, when you invest in any of the two, you can be sure of getting adequate protections.

Now to the question, which of the two models do you stick your neck with? Are they good in terms of the quality that they bring to the table? But if you desire a classy design; then your best bet is Sportspower.

Our Final Recommendation 

After going through the list of six of the best available models on offer; if you ask for our recommendation on which particular model to trust; then our advice is that you go with the 72-spring model- Propel Trampoline 14’. This is a solid performer that will give the kids delightful bounce without issues attached to it. The entire 72 springs are safely padded to make assurances doubly sure on the protection of the kids. It has a high technology that enhances the center of gravity of this model. Your investment on this model is worth it; expectations of the kids will be met.

Few Last Words

What you have just read can be relied upon to get the best that you are entitled to in a trampoline. This is not a sales gimmick; if you want quick results that will give you the best; then you can take your pick among the models above because the quality that comes with each of them is guaranteed.

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