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Here’s All You Need To Know About Heavyweight Trampolines!

Are you from a large family? Do the regular size trampolines not serve the purpose? Choosing the perfect trampoline with enclosure seems like a hurdle? This article got you covered!

Heavy weight trampolines are usually designed for people with a larger family member count. They are designed to carry a huge amount of weight.

Owing to its multifarious requirements, heavy weight trampolines cater to everyone's needs whether you are a healthy person, or you have a huge family. The heavyweight trampolines are mentioned below:

  • Circular Trampolines: Circular trampolines are surely one of the cheapest trampolines. These trampolines are finely built with even spring distribution which keeps the little and grown up jumpers positioned well at the center.
  • Octagonal: Octagonal trampolines are the mediocre priced trampolines which offer a gigantic jumping base. The large jumping surface gives the users the freedom to bounce about freely without a thought.
  • Rectangular: Rectangular trampolines are the priciest trampolines in the market. Ideal for professional gymnasts, these trampolines offer more bounce and have little less control.

Here Is A List Of Top 5 Heavyweight Trampolines

The amazing Sportspower My First Trampoline for Kids is one of the best heavyweight trampolines in the market today.

Constructed with a foam encompassed outer seams, this trampoline base is lower to the ground. It is extremely durable with a sleek and compact design. The best part of this trampoline is that it can be used for both: indoor and outdoor bouncing ventures. Made up of strong galvanized steel, and soft, light foam embedded seams give it a feathery comfort touch which makes the trampoline much more secure as they avoid bumping and other playtime related injuries.

Though a bit pricey, KIDWIZE MAGIC Octagon Trampoline is worth all the money you pay for it. With a 16” perimeter, this amazing trampoline is constructed from fine 14 gauge galvanized steel and has tapered which is immensely ideal for professional and passionate gymnasts. These tapered springs provide you with extra bounce and are ideal for all extreme tricks.

Famed to be one of the largest trampolines in the market today, these trampoline has safety pads on each of its seams. With a sturdy framework and finger grip, the Magic Octagon Trampoline surely is magical. It promises you one of the best support and security unlike any other. This amazing trampoline is also one of the most convenient and easy to use trampolines found in the market.

ACON Air Trampoline is undoubtedly a trusted name in the market. It is also a little expensive but it’s a relief when it comes to its safety accessories which are complementary and does not require extra bucks!

Measuring at 15”, this amazing trampoline has a fine quality jumping base. The base is Ultraviolet treated with 6 times cross sewed polypropylene. This amazing heavy duty trampoline is engineered to withstand the harshest of weather especially the winter season.

The unique feature about this product is its foam spring pad which is a very thick material. This product is known to have a preload force of approximately 15.5 on its springs beneath which gives one of the best bouncing experiences unlike any other.

Finally, the best feature of this product is its weight limit. Any guesses? Well! The Acon Air Trampoline gives you an infinite weight limit! This is rare.

With all that adorning its specifications, this trampoline also has an amazing safety net enclosure which avoids accidents. If you are looking for a trampoline to have a fun bouncing experience well this is your holy grail.

A heavy duty product like the Upper Bounce Rectangular Trampoline is a must have. As compared to others it is feathery when it comes to moving it here and there. This is surely the one if you want a lightweight trampoline with maximum weight capacity for your children to have fun with your friends.

The Terylene dual enclosure net that comes with this product surely is a sturdy one. Adding to it, Upper Bounce Rectangular Trampolines keeps your child's safety as their utmost importance. That's why this trampoline has no gaps. Gaps in a trampoline is a demerit of multifarious models as children and often adults lose balance and fall prey to the accident due to these gaps.

There is no question when it comes to durability. These amazing trampolines also promise a very durable framework. The springless trampoline are engineered to be rust free and made with galvanized steel for extra strength and a great bouncing experience. The safety pads that come with this product have immense shock absorbing efficacy.

The best part is that it is made for children and adults alike. If you want to stay fit or you want your kids to have the time of their lives, then this is the one for you!

The Octagon Magic Circle Trampoline is another heavy duty model similar to the former ones which can house a big size family or a huge number of kids. This trampoline brings your ultimate family time dreams into reality.

The 350 PSI strength offered by this product not only makes it sturdier but also makes it durable and lasts for years, unlike many other models. The safety cage encompassing the entire jumping mat is constructed with mesh like fabrics which prevents cerebral traumas. The cage is also sewn together with the mat to make it flexible and to avoid you or your child's feet getting caught up in the mat gaps.

The welded sockets a which secures the framework of the cage provides it with strength. The trampoline is extremely spacious and is ideal for big sized family fun.

Also, the cage does not intervene with visibility and provides UV protection.

Things To Consider Before You Buy A Trampoline

There are certainly some areas that need critical attention when you go trampoline shopping.

Starting off from the obvious, weight limits do matter. Before going trampoline shopping you must consider and decide your perfect weight limit options and look for the ideal one which matches with your expectations.

Secondly, it is highly advisable to buy a trampoline with a durable safety enclosure net even if there are no kids involved. Safety must be of utmost importance. More the safety features, the better. Look for trampolines with zero gaps. These safety precautions will surely save you from hazards and accidents.

Finally, always check personal reviews from verified customers and research about the model and its manufacturer. It is pivotal to know about the experiences to avoid buying faulty products and experience the best of the product.


These products are surely for everyone. These heavyweight trampolines cater to your every need and make your family time, a truly quality time and give you so many memories to cherish. I hope this article has given you the correct ideas on choosing the perfect heavyweight trampoline for your kids and the entire family.