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The Ultimate Guide To Mending Your Damaged Trampoline – Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Mat Patch And Repair!

Good quality trampolines are durable and sturdy. The last longer with less wear and tear. However, with time they eventually give out and as trampoline owners one should know how to handle their trampolines. If you are one of them who likes to be independent in repairing their own trampolines then get on board! Here's all you need to know about trampoline care.

Tired of calling professionals to mend your trampoline and pay them every time? We got you!

Every trampoline irrespective of quality gives out with time and experiences wear and tear and other technical faults. Similarly, you might’ve experienced torn trampoline mats with your old worn out trampolines. We should always check our mats regularly for holes and minor tears to avoid a bigger rip. If you notice a minor tear just grab your duct tape and patch it up! But if you notice a big rip then duct tape is not your solution. Always measure your tear. If the rip is more than 2 inches, you need a new jumping mat. Many trampolines come with its own repair and patching kit if you haven't got one you can always purchase one. You just have to isolate the map if the tear is less than 2 inches and sew it. Follow the instructions on the repair kit make sure you sew the edges multiple times to secure the mat and it also makes it durable so that it lasts longer than usual.

Trampoline Care – All You Need To Know About The Repair Kit

Trampoline repair kits are handy tool kits which are sometimes given along with the trampoline package or you might have to buy one from your local hardware store. The kit consists of Trampoline Repair Glue, A Trampoline Spring Tool and Mat patch repair kit. These tools aid you in different situations. But if the faults are larger you definitely exchange the damaged goods with newer ones to avoid any risk of injuries.

Trampoline Repair Glue

The trampoline repair glue works like wonder if you do not have a sewing machine or the sewing skills. It is easily available on amazon or any hardware store near you. Although, sewing around the seams is a more secure way this works too. You just need to glue down the edges and leave it to dry at least for the day before you start bouncing again. Although, many say that using glue on the tear creates a lump. But for more stability and durability, sewing the edges is always a better option.

Having Trouble Fixing A Trampoline Spring?

You cannot simply repair a broken spring. If you ever experience a broken spring you will probably need to change the springs. While replacing a trampoline spring you must keep a few pivotal points in mind. You must always isolate the mat while replacing the springs. Never try to replace the “trampoline springs” with other springs. These springs are specially engineered to withstand your body weight.

While shopping for new springs, always look for the springs that will perfectly fit your trampoline model. It is better to buy the original springs that is sold separately by the company itself. These springs are the most pivotal part of the trampoline and must be carefully handled.

Once you are done replacing the springs you must fasten the hooks carefully the same way it was initially as it also holds your mat and adds on to the security while you bounce or workout on it.

Here's How You Can Fix Your Trampoline's Safety Enclosure Net

A trampoline's safety enclosure net is the most important part of the trampoline. It provides extra security to your kids while they play. Based on your budget, you can choose the repairing methods.

A trampoline net repair tool might just be the best thing to get you going.

If you want a quicker and cheaper solution then you can opt for the duct tape repair. For the duct repair, you have to first remove the mat and then apply the duct on both sides of the damaged area and firmly press it. Tapes, however, can easily come off so you will need to apply several layers of it on both sides to ensure that it adheres securely. Also, you must leave it for at least one day and it is advisable to keep it under some pressure so that the tape sets in perfectly before you start bouncing on it.

On the contrary, patch repair is usually the most trustable one. Once again, you need to isolate your jumping mat and take two patches and sandwich the damaged area in between these patches tightly. To spare you all the hassle, use a heavy-duty sewing machine and sew the tear. Do not forget to stitch a few several layers to ensure that it stays put. Also, sew around the edges for more security and check it intensively in case you left a spot. The patch repair if done correctly adds durability and extends the lifeline of your safety enclosure net.

But, it must be kept in mind that safety is the utmost priority. Do not compromise if you notice any major tear or damage you must buy a fresh one which is easily available on Amazon or any other online shopping sites or even at a local hardware store near you.

The Final Verdict

In conclusion, it is obviously better to know the little tricks to mend your trampoline because irrespective of how good the quality is, you will face a trampoline issue once as a trampoline owner because with time your trampoline ages and it will wear out eventually. But is advisable to always replace the faulty parts of the trampoline to avoid any unnecessary accidents. As your trampoline ages, you must always consider buying a new one. I hope that this article has helped you get the right advise on mending your trampoline and keep the fun alive!