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Prevent Your Trampoline From Blowing Away

Now as you are convinced to purchase a best rated trampolines for your backyard and provide your family members with a healthy and fun filled life, the primary concern must be of choosing a secured one. A trampoline can be at times blown away by the strong winds and you must know the essentials that will help it to be tied to the ground firmly.

The wind speed that is responsible for blowing your loved trampoline varies and depends on the location where the trampoline has been placed. There have been such incidents where a wind speed as low as 4 mph has been able to blow away the trampoline a few feet off the ground. As trampolines are part of most of the gardens or yards in foreign countries, the harsh winter accompanied by chilled wind have many times blown away the trampolines. If your trampoline is located in a spacious space, devoid of any wind barrier elements, then it is quite possible for the trampoline to end up being blown away. So it is extremely vital to know ways to secure your trampolines because they are expensive toys and a loss of such significant things are not favored by anybody.

How To Anchor A Trampoline

Securing or anchoring your trampoline is one of the most integral parts of after care that is needed by all the trampolines. For that, an anchor kit can prove to be very helpful with all its specialized comprising equipment that ensure a safe anchoring of your trampoline. You can also avoid purchasing an entire anchor kit and instead, go for a few safe methods like tapping u-shaped wind stakes over the trampoline legs to achieve a quick fixture. There are some auger style anchors that can be sunk into the ground directly below the frame. There is another method that ensures a safe anchor which is associated with the straps of the trampoline, as they play a pivotal role in the proper fixing of the gigantic equipment. To avoid the loss of the trampoline by storm or big bounces, you can hook the straps through the mentioned auger and tighten them down on each side, thus giving it a firm placement.

Trampoline Anchor Kit Or Trampoline Wind Stake

Undoubtedly, it is important to consider a wind shielded place to prevent the springs trampoline from blowing away. But still, creating a wind free place is never possible especially when we are talking about purchasing a trampoline for our garden or yard. For that, the safest method must be an anchor kit or wind stakes that promises to secure the trampoline sturdily to the ground. You will find a number of trampoline anchor kits in the market, ranging from various prices. The JumpKing trampoline anchor kit or the one from the brand N1Fit and JumpSport provide you with all the necessary equipment. If you want to go for wind stakes instead, then the ruling trampoline brand Skywalker has some amazing packs of wind stakes for its clients. The Pure Fun trampoline wind stakes are also potential enough to keep your trampoline safe on a breezy day.

Corkscrew Trampoline Anchor

When speaking of some effective trampoline anchors, it would be unfair to miss out one special kind of anchor that has been quite beneficial for most of the trampoline owners- the corkscrew anchor. These anchors are of corkscrew shape that helps keep the anchors strongly positioned to the ground. Its black coating also prevents it from being subject to rust in adverse weather conditions. The one from Eurmax company is a blessing for all the trampoline owners as it is strong, durable and also fits all the trampolines, be it round or rectangle. It is made from black corkscrew steel and has been designed for easy installation and to protect your trampoline from high wind.

Trampoline Anchor Instructions

Now, all you need is to learn some easy and correct steps as how to anchor a trampoline properly. If you are a first time trampoline user, then be sure to read all the instructions and take the help of an expertise, because a single improper fixture or carelessness can lead to a massive misfortunate. So ,we thought of jotting down a few effective steps of anchoring a trampoline for your convenience. First, be sure to tie down each loop straps that are connected to the steel buckle. Insert the small loop into the auger stake ring and fix the trampoline firmly to the ground with the help of auger stakes. You can also seek the help of any screw driver to ensure the proper fixing of the auger stakes, as they are solely responsible for holding the trampoline to the ground.

The Homemade Trampoline Anchor: DIY Trampoline Anchoring Ideas

Though we strongly recommend purchasing a quality trampoline anchor kit along with your trampoline, there are other home based ways that if implemented properly, can secure the trampoline from blowing away by adverse weather. One of the best ideas is to dig post holes into the ground and pour in a suitable amount of concrete in those.

How To Secure A Trampoline On Concrete

Prior to the setting of concrete, screw a few corkscrews into the holes. Then you can secure the trampoline with highly furnished straps. If you are planning to permanently position your trampoline at a particular place, then the best option is to mount the jumping jack’s legs into the poured concrete directly. Try it out for some amazing results!

Best Way To Weigh Down A Trampoline

The best way to anchor a trampoline on the ground is to use some weight for a more promising security. Sandbags are probably the most effective choice in this procedure, that is also very convenient to arrange. Make sure to place hang them on the trampoline frames and legs, avoiding the surface below the jumping surface. There are also few expensive sandbags designed especially for weighing down a trampoline. Their special shape and construction is all dedicated to prevent falling away.

How To Secure The Trampoline During Hurricanes

All the above elaborated methods will surely protect your trampoline from being blown away by strong wind. But a hurricane is the father of the storms and it can pose a severe threat to your health assistant resting in the backyard. If the upcoming hurricane is predictable, then be sure to remove the safety net and secure it indoors till the end of the storm. If that’s impossible, then remove the jumping surface from the frame. Using concrete and ample number of sandbags for putting weight is always a wise decision in such cases.

We are sure that you don’t want to wake up one morning, only to find your favorite trampoline missing from the garden. So try these safety measures to preserve your valuable trampoline and have a healthy lifestyle.